Here is your pre-draft Johnny Manziel to the Philadelphia Eagles rumor

Johnny Manziel Philadelphia Eagles

Nothing like a few Johnny Manziel to the Philadelphia Eagles rumors to get you amped for the NFL draft in a few days!

(Ok maybe that was some slight sarcasm).

Here are a series of tweets from a few media members over the course of the last few days. First, from Rotoworld’s Evan Silva:

Prior to Silva’s posting yesterday, there were these handful of tweets from ESPN’s Louis Riddick over the weekend. While it’s all speculation, he at least makes a case for his reasoning to suggest the Eagles could be involved.

No arguing here that Johnny Manziel/Chip Kelly would make the best pairing out of any potential QB/coach combo in this year’s draft.

Could the Eagles be a team to trade up in the draft and get Manziel? It would have to come at a really high price — which likely includes Nick Foles — so I’d say no at this point. But if Manziel falls to them at No. 22, and he’s the highest rated player on their board, do the Birds take him? If they stick to their philosophy of drafting the best player available, then Johnny Football will be wearing midnight green.

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  • rich

    are you kidding me?manziel drop to #22,he’s not getting out of top 5. and i wouldn’t be surprised if he goes #1.