Is Martin Mayhew trying to trade up to draft Sammy Watkins?


According to Sammy Watkins, the Detroit Lions interest in him is very real. He acknowledged that he has received phone calls from a few teams about possibly trading up for him and has been spotted chatting with head coach Jim Caldwell. As the draft approaches 48 hours from now, the trade subject with regards to Watkins is heating up in the motor city. The flirtation between Watkins and the Lions has been ongoing since the very beginning. It may just be legit.

All signs are that the Lions and general manager Martin Mayhew would need to acquire the third overall pick to have the opportunity to select Watkins. The Houston Texans currently hold the first pick and the St Louis Rams have the second choice. Sitting at number three at the moment are the Jacksonville Jaguars. None of those three seem to be in the market for Watkins, and neither does Cleveland at the four spot. The reason though that the Lions would have to shoot so high is that the Oakland Raiders choose fifth and they would not likely hesitate to choose Watkins themselves. The Browns aren’t budging and they appear to hope that Johnny Manziel will still be available for them.

What’s it going to cost the Lions to have that third pick? Well, I guess that’s the big question. Obviously, unless this is a very elaborate smoke screen, Mayhew believes Detroit could outscore everyone if they add Watkins to quarterback Matthew Stafford’s deep arsenal that already includes Calvin Johnson, Golden Tate, Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. I can’t see any other reason that they could justify this move especially in the wake of the news that Chris Houston is not healing properly leaving the Lions secondary, already a weakness, in dire straits.

A big offense can mask a lot of things, but as the Denver Broncos found out in the super bowl against the Seattle Seahawks last year; defense wins championships. This will be the career defining pick for Martin Mayhew, his make or break selection. I hope for his sake and for us diehard Detroit Lions fans, that he’s right. Or, that this truly an elaborate smokescreen to gauge the temperature of the trade market as the day looms large in front of them.

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