NFL Draft: 10 guys at each defensive position who could help the New York Jets


It’s finally here! The NFL Draft, pushed back to May in order to produce big ratings during “sweeps week,” is actually upon us, starting on Thursday night with round one.

While the extra two weeks has made it seem like it’s taken forever for the draft to get here, it has provided plenty of time for preparation. NFL teams are so ready to go, flooded with information, that some took this past weekend off, heading to Vegas for a little R&R. At cover32, it’s provided ample time to break down each position in the draft.

In case you missed any of our top-10 lists during the past few weeks, or just want to have them all in one handy place, below are our rankings for every defensive position. Brush up and be prepared for Thursday, Friday and Saturday:

It’s arguably the second most important position in football. Pressuring the QB reigns supreme in this day and age. One or more of these 10 guys is bound to be a star.

Big dudes who can clog up the middle might not be glamorous, but they’re still very important. Seeing one of these 10 guys on your defensive line wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Just like defensive end, outside linebackers are more important than ever. These 10 guys can all line up on the edge and potentially make an immediate impact this season.

While some believe the position is starting to fade, having a great middle linebacker was a staple of some of the best defenses in NFL history. Any of these 10 guys make a team better.

You have to have two (or three) very reliable corners to win in the NFL in 2014. All 10 of these guys will likely be off the board by the end of Day 2, meaning you better get who you like early.

They’re the last layer between the opposing team and the end zone, so you better make sure you can trust your safeties. All 10 of these guys are worthy of investing a pick on.

People like to rip them, but kickers and punters are a key part of having success in the NFL. They might not all get drafted, but these 10 guys will help NFL teams at some point.

Check back on Wednesday, as we post our final mock draft (version 4.0).

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