No way the Buffalo Bills front office is in the bottom 10 of the league!!


So the hard working staff here at cover32 published a ranking of the NFL front offices and they apparently decided that the front office of the Buffalo Bills was one of the worst in the league. Where did they rank the front office of the Bills you ask? Twenty F-ing Fifth!!!! What?! Your telling me that the front office of the Jets, the guys that continue to let Rex Ryan run a complete circus of a team were ranked higher? This is just complete insanity.

Before I go on further, If you want to see the list I am referring to you can read it by clicking HERE and you yourself can scoff in disappointment along with me.

Now we Bills fans are no stranger to getting the short end of stick when it comes to being recognized for anything positive, 14 years of losing football games will do that. The thing is the Bills front office deserves a great deal more respect for what they have been putting together the last few years. The top priority of the Bills front office right now is to win football games and I’ll be damned if they are not doing their part to achieve that. To put them at the bottom of the list like this is completely inexcusable when they are obviously going out of their way to bring back a winning team to Buffalo.

Here’s the explanation for why the Bills front office was ranked so low:

“25. Buffalo Bills – Late to the job last off-season, Doug Whaley hasn’t had much of a chance to prove himself. However, the fact that the Bills could never figure out the Jairus Byrd situation is certainly cause for concern in Buffalo.

What?! If anything Doug Whaley proved he was capable of making the best decision for his team by allowing Byrd to fly the hell out of here. Byrd is as selfish as they come, a virus to any team and instead of throwing the bank at him we let him leave to go infect some other locker room. This is a guy who was franchised tagged and then held out of training camp even though his holdout could not possible change his situation. What was he holding out for? Well he was mad that Buffalo took away his chance at free agency and decided to punish them, along with their fans. In my eyes Whaley deserves a god damn parade, every year on the anniversary of Byrd flying south we should celebrate it! Because selfish attitudes like his are are toxic in any locker room and to make someone like that the highest paid safety in the league is simply stupid.

Even if you don’t agree with my feelings about Byrd it is still incredibly difficult to rationalize such a low ranking for the Bills front office. As the managing editor of this site I was actually asked to contribute to this list, they asked me to rank the front office from 1-10 and provide a quick blurb as to why I ranked them where I did, here’s what I sent them:

“9- A few years ago this would not of been the score given to the Bills front office, but things have drastically changed in the last couple of season’s. No longer can the Bills front office be accused of being ‘cheap’ or not willing to spend the money to bring in the players they feel can make this team a winner. Not to mention the talent we have picked up in the draft since Buddy Nix was brought on board have been surprisingly excellent. If the front office continues moving the team in the direction its currently going the Bills WILL reach the Super Bowl in the next 5 years.”

So you can imagine my surprise when the piece was published and I found what I did. I have a filthy mouth as it is but my reaction was quite profane. Why even ask me my opinion if that’s the garbage you are going to write about my team? Am I crazy? Is the Bills front office actually doing a terrible job right now and I’m just another delusional Bills fan? Feel free to sound off.

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