Power Rankings: New Orleans Saints have a bottom-5 front office in the NFL


With the draft only two days away, fans around the country are hoping that their team uses the three-day selection meeting to rebuild, restock or reload their roster. It’s an event that can transform a franchise, for better or worse, if things aren’t handled in the proper way.

Being successful during the draft ultimately comes down to one thing: Making good decisions. When trade offers come a teams way, do they jump at the opportunity or decide to pass? When they are on the clock, do they pick the right player or reach to fill a need? Being on the right side of these types of questions are what separate the good teams on draft day from the bad ones.

How will your favorite team react and perform? Typically, the answer comes down to the guys in charge. What person, or group of people, is ultimately making those calls?

Heading into Thursday night, which fan bases should have faith in their franchise and which ones should be worried? The editors at cover32 ranked the reliability of each team’s front office to answer that all-important question. To see the results, click here.

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  • Steve Lambert

    I KNOW many coaches want players with talent for the game! But, I feel talent is not a bigger reason to choose the best for a team then Smart thinking Knowledgeable and one who can understand how the skim of your team is headed! If you educate a person and He can fall in line quickly to the unity of play, Then that team will preform as the Owner and coach wants!

  • Kevin

    You don’t appear to know the Saints organization very well, Mr. Lambert, or perhaps you just have a bias.