Pre-Draft Bills WR depth chart is pretty crowded as it is


Before the Draft even hits this week, the Bills would have a tough time figuring out the 1-5 or 6 in their WR depth chart. There are a lot of good players with similar size and big play ability in the group already, meanwhile the team could very well bring in another top college talent by the end of the week. However, working with what the team has on the roster now, it is a fearsome group of pass catchers that opposing defenses are going to have a tough time containing.

Understanding that these guys will not necessarily always remain in their designated depth chart positions and the Bills will most likely rotate guys in given the amount of talent in the group, there still has to be a listing of  depth within the wide receivers. Some recognizable players may not be on the team next year if the Bills bring in a big name wide out such as Sammy Watkins or Mike Evans, the Bills can only dress so many people at the position.

Nonetheless, here is how things look right now:

1. Stevie Johnson –The guy is on pace to be one of the best Bills WR’s ever and he’s proven he is a good player, we absolutely should not give up on Stevie yet.

2. Mike Williams –Yes, Mike immediately makes an impact in the starting lineup either at the 1 or 2 lined up outside. Physical, aggressive, and strong. A red zone threat the Bills have needed for some time now.

3. Robert Woods – Coming off of a fantastic rookie season, Woods will be essential in the slot as well as split wide out. He will rotate as a #2 or possibly a #1 if need be. Smooth football player.

4. TJ Graham – Some may disagree with this placement for TJ, but I don’t care. He gets a bad wrap when he’s not forgotten about, even though he fills in well and has been improving each year. TJ stays in the lineup and gets better as he achieves veteran status.

5. Marquise Goodwin – The speedster will have to be on the field somewhere. He will rotate in at receiver, contribute on special teams, and wherever else he is needed. Speed kills, and this alone allows him the ability to be #3 on the depth chart at any given point in the season.

6. Chris Hogan – 7/11 will stay open on special teams and fill-in at receiver here and there. He is an all around good football player and great special team’s tackler.

7. Marcus Easley – After his phenomenal year as a special team’s gunner and overall ace, I’d hate to see Marcus not make the lineup. Lets not forget he is often the first person to reach the ball carrier on kickoffs either.

As stated before, the guys at 3-5 can almost be interchangeable. The guys at 1-3 can also be switched throughout and any of them could be the #1in a given week. Aside from potential injuries or suspensions the WR corps in Buffalo is looking very strong.

If the Bills bring in a top talent at WR such as the names mentioned earlier, than it could force one of the bottom two guys on the chart to be practice squad members. It might not even be a first rounder that could crack the lineup, as this year’s WR class offers great players in later rounds (like Jordan Matthews from Vanderbilt).

Some others on the Bills roster at WR that could make things a little more interesting are Ramses Barden and Cordell Roberson. Barden, at 6’6” brings good size to the table, and has been in the league for 4 years with the New York Giants. Roberson offers good size as well at 6’4” and with the proper opportunity could show his ability coming from Cleveland.

Any way you look at it, having a tough time figuring out a depth chart due to a surplus of talent is a good problem to have. The Bills could very well have an even tougher time figuring out the WR depth chart after the draft this week. Good, Doug Marrone and Nathaniel Hackett will be up to the task. EJ better get his arm loose, cause all of these guys can stretch the field and some can run right out of the stadium.

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