St. Louis Rams Draft Preview: Part Five: Potential Trades


A lot of factors go into potential trades that can happen on draft day for the Rams. Holding the second overall pick, the Rams may be in for another king’s ransom if some team finds a prospect so intriguing that they trade up and give up a bounty of picks. The main factor of the possibilities of this trade is dependent on this question: What do the Houston Texans do? I will be going through three potential prospects that the Texans may select and the most likely trade for the Rams that can occur for that scenario.

Warning: There will be an excess of Cleveland Browns trades.

With the first-overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select:

Jadaveon Clowney

Now this is quite possibly the worst/best situation for the Rams. The Texans have selected Clowney and have left Mack on the board, who fills a need at the Sam backer position. There are many teams that would love to snatch Mack or are afraid either the Browns or the Jags will scoop up a quarterback that they are coveting. Here is the most likely scenario if the Texans select Clowney.

The Cleveland Browns trade the fourth overall pick, the twenty-sixth overall pick, and the thirty-sixth overall pick for the second overall pick

Reason: It’s no secret that the Browns are coveting Manziel. With the acquisitions in free agency and the plethora of young talents on the roster, the Browns look to be in position to make a push for the playoffs. But there’s something missing in their formula for the playoffs: a quarterback. Though Brian Hoyer did a good job filling in for the starting role in 2013, he is coming off a tear in his ACL and is not exactly young. I find it hard to believe that the Browns are going to be placing their faith in a 28-year-old quarterback who is coming off a major knee injury. Hoyer may start off the season as a starter, but bringing in a young quarterback in Manziel will bring (hopeful) stability to the quarterback position for the future.

With the first-overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select:

Khalil Mack

Jackpot. The Rams have hit the jackpot. Without a need for a defensive end, the Rams will be free to trade away the second overall pick for most highly coveted player in this draft. Though they may have lost out on drafting a franchise Sam backer, the Rams now have the luxury of picking up more picks for next year’s draft.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers trade the seventh overall pick, the thirty-ninth-overall pick, and next year’s first round pick for the second overall pick

Reason: Lovie Smith has been brought to Tampa Bay to repair a rather disoriented defense of the Bucs last year. Already having Gerald McCoy, Lavonte David, and Alterraun Verner, the Bucs need a few more pieces for the defense to make it a formidable one. But a talent like Clowney’s is too tempting to pass up. He can come in right away and fill out opposite of Michael Johnson to make a very formidable defensive front four.

With the first overall pick in 2014 NFL Draft, the Houston Texans select:

Teddy Bridgewater

Though this is reportedly no longer a plausible conclusion, I still think that Bridgewater has a shot to go number one overall to the Texans. Now this is a huge dilemma for the Rams. Mack is still on the board, but the trade bait that lies with Clowney may be too much to resist giving away. But what may surprise you is that the team that trades up to the second overall pick may not grab either of these defensive studs.

The Buffalo Bills trade the ninth-overall pick, the forty-first-overall pick, next year’s first round pick, and next year’s third round pick

Reason: There have been more and more clamors that the Bills are interested in trading up in the draft. Their targets are Mack, Clowney, and a left tackle. All three are still on the board and can fill a need in three parts of the Bills roster. Do they take a left tackle to protect E.J. Manuel or Mack/Clowney to shore up an already powerful defense? To be frank, I do believe that if the Bills do trade up to this slot in the draft, they’ll select Jake Matthews out of Texas A&M or Clowney.

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