Take Twosday: How will the Defense Fare without Mike Pettine?


I recently started a #BillsChat that I am planning on doing weekly or biweekly where I ask everyone current questions about what’s going on with the Bills.
I asked how the defense will fare without Mike Pettine and these are the responses I received:

@Megs16: May the Schwartz be with us!!

@MichaelParthum: Even though we’ll miss him, I’d say they’ll fare better with Schwartz focusing on our poor run defense

@jrwbufsorng: Overall same or better but not as exciting

@keith_arizona7: should be fine, as long as they address needs at LB and Safety

@jmadigan0408: I don’t view Schwartz as a downgrade from Pettine. Losing Byrd hurts, but I have faith in the team’s additions.

@buffalobillsgrl: Will be fine, if not better (def against the run) with Schwartz

@burgermania87: Sacks might take a dip but overall I think the defense will be better actually

@KINGOtheparty: I think @AngrySchwartz will make it happen. How will Cleveland fare with Mike Pettine is the real question.

@VenusdeBuffalo: Not worried this year. More worried when Pepper Johnson leaves.

There were of opinions and they are definitely worth some discussion. I agree with both Michael and Kristin (@buffalobillsgrl) in the sense that the run D will be much better this season after bringing Schwartz on board. Plus, like Keith mentioned, the Bills will probably take another LB in the draft. Bringing Brandon Spikes in will most certainly help our problems with Run D as well.

Obviously, the run defense has been a HUGE issue in years past for the Bills. In 2013, we saw many running backs looking like they belonged in the Pro Bowl with career days against Buffalo. If this team wants to start putting together a good record, it all begins with defense.

You know what they say: Defense wins championships. This rang true when Seattle steamrolled the Broncos and the defense was clearly the impetus for the win.
Now let’s just hope Buffalo improves their offense enough this year with the draft and EJ Manuel being healthy from the get go to put together a good record.
Jeff (@jmadigan0408) and Steve (@burgermania87) both referenced how the defense will be just as good if not better. I agree and think that the defense still has all the talent in it, which has been improved.

What do you think? Let me know on Twitter @billsmafia_babe or in the comments below!

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