As part of the hype machine designed to get football fans excited for the start of the NFL Draft on Thursday night, the league trotted out the commissioner, Roger Goodell, for a chat with fans on Twitter. Not surprisingly, it was an utter waste of time.

The really good questions were ignored, as were the ones that some people should be ashamed for asking and would never say in a face-to-face setting. Instead, the Commish took one softball after another, as expected.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Goodell couldn’t even answer those questions honestly. He was nothing more than a PR machine, giving PC answers at every turn.

Here’s a timeline (in chronological order) of his worst offenses:

10. Welcome Vine

The commissioner worked in a little play on words, talking about he was now “on the clock” as a super-clever way of connecting this bit of nonsense to this week’s NFL Draft. So sly and witty, Roger!

9. Justifying a Dumb Rule

Well, sure. But it’s happened a grand total of one time. Talk about an overreaction. How about banning games played under the lights, too, since that Super Bowl was delayed when the power went out in New Orleans?


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  1. James Kriger

    Great work Buck, this thoroughly entertained me, I mean I knew Goodell was a schmuck but this further confirms it.

  2. Joseph Bruno

    Man I really don’t like this guy, whether it’s expanding the draft, expanding the season, the ridiculous penalties, fines and suspensions. He just always talks about how he listens to fans and only does what we want and every idea he has seems like the exact opposite of what anyone wants.

  3. #9 has happened more than once over the last few years. It just hadn’t gotten as much attention as the Jimmy Graham occurrence.

  4. Jon Collins

    “Because we all know a lot of people who are saying, “You know what I’d really like to see? A fourth day of the NFL Draft.” This is just another way to sell more TV rights and sponsorships, to further line the NFL’s pockets.”

    Actually the idea is, put all the rounds people don’t care for and shorten the format to fit in prime to bring more viewers for day 1 and day 2 of the draft. It’s not that hard to see why they did it that way. No one sane would be watching rounds 4-7, sure I agree. But that’s why it’s on Saturday when ratings would be down across the board.

    Yes it’s a business move, but more viewers would equal more fans, no? so it wasn’t stupid response.

  5. No different than moving the SB to Sunday nights to prevent/limit the massive SB BBQ parties. This will increase the likelihood that people will watch the games in their own homes and viewer numbers will increase, therefore increasing revenue. With SB BBQ parties, 10 – 20 people watching the game on 1 big TV at a friend’s house counts as only 1 viewer, not 10 – 20 viewers. (translation: less revenue.) I learned a while ago that the only thing Goodell cares about is making more money! THANKS ROGER FOR FURTHER RUINING THE SPORT THAT WE ALL LOVE!!!! I cannot wait for the day that this man is replaced as commissioner. I only pray he is replaced by someone that has a REAL interest in player safety and making the LEAGUE and the GAME better for the FANS and not for the OWNERS/STOCKHOLDERS.

  6. Von Dandee

    I just can’t believe there were more security guards than guests at his pre-superbowl party?