Did any former Lions make the list of worst #1 overall picks?


It is hard to believe that there is a list of bad draft picks that doesn’t include a member of the Detroit Lions isn’t it? But, it seems to be true, in great part due to the fact that this list only focuses on the first overall pick.

The Lions only have a few candidates on this list that starts at the NFL merger in 1970. Billy Sims was a great player for Detroit though his career was stifled by injury after being the first pick in 1980’s draft. Matthew Stafford is the only other player qualified to make this list. While Stafford has only reached the playoffs once, he has put up staggering numbers in his time in Detroit. Stafford in no way qualifies on this list, even if his career ended now. Keep in mind, players like Charles Rogers(2nd overall pick) and Joey Harrington(3rd overall pick) didn’t qualify with the parameters given.

So, for once rejoice. No Detroit Lions player makes this dreadful list. Unless Martin Mayhew makes a shocking trade tonight or tomorrow, no one will make it next year for the Lions either. Let’s hope that streak continues.

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  • mikey

    Rodney Pete, Andre Ware

  • Jeremy Mackinder

    Neither Peete nor Ware were first overall choices. Peete was actually a 6th round pick who did quite well and actually won NFC player of the week during his rookie season. Andre Ware was the 7th overall selection, not the first.

  • MeanKitty

    This is because so many past Lions management teams spent months figuring out how to trade up or acquire the one man – team players