FINAL MOCK: With the 30th overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft…


What’s this? The last mock draft had the Ravens picking at 11th overall? 30th?

Yes. 30th.

This draft is going to be pretty unpredictable for the Ravens — as are most of their drafts — due to the fact that their outcome is entirely reliant on the teams drafting in front of them.  Let’s say, for example, that before the 17th overall pick, there is a serious run on quarterbacks and Manziel, Bortles, Bridgewater, and even Carr are off the board by the time the Ravens pick.  Well, in this scenario, the Ravens are almost surely going to stay at 17th overall to snag whoever the best player on their board is.  Realistically, it sounds like the Ravens may have Manziel in their top-20, but I’m not too sure they have any other quarterbacks, meaning if this were the case, they would be choosing their 14th best overall player on their board.

However, the alternative scenario is more similar to the one that played out in this mock.  If the Ravens are sitting at 17th and the players they marked as their targets are all gone, there is nothing stopping Ozzie and De Costa from trading back to stockpile draft picks.  This was something that, a few weeks ago, I thought wouldn’t occur, however as the draft nears, it looks more and more likely that the Ravens move out of their allotted position.  This is less due to the quality of players available, and more in line with the fact that there will be teams that will want to move into the Ravens slot to get a player that the Ravens may not need as much.

Need?  What happened to best player available?

Good question.  But as I’ve said before, the best player available is relative to need.  And, that isn’t taking into account the drop off in talent past a certain point in the first round.  Before I go any further, the talent drop off is not big at all, however it is more to the point of saying that in the event that the top safeties and tackles are off the board at 17th, if the Ravens were to move back to say, 30th, the quality of player they would draft after those players were off the board wouldn’t differ too much from their original slot.  So why not trade back?

And trade back the Ravens did.  Before we go to the next page and see who the Ravens selected with the 30th overall selection, I will add a disclaimer.  If the mock draft played out as the final cover32 mock draft does, and Calvin Pryor and C.J. Mosley are both on the board at 17th, I have no reason to believe the Ravens would trade away their pick.  But if they are gone, then expect the Ravens to be all over a trade.

As is, the Ravens only have four tradeable draft picks, as half of their picks this draft are compensatory.  That means that there are limitations to what the team could do if they wanted to move up in one of the later rounds to snag a player they covet.  But, if they were to trade with the 49ers — who have 11 picks, with ten of those selections being tradeable — that would give them a lot more flexibility later in the draft to move around.  Plus, there have been rumors that the Ravens and 49ers may swap picks, with the 49ers having their sights set on a speedy wide receiver to add to their corps.

So, you can read the entire mock draft here, but for what you’ve all been waiting for:

With the 30th selection in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Baltimore Ravens select…

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