Giants get Zack Martin in final cover32 mock draft


After three consecutive mock drafts with the New York Giants scoring high-profile defensive tackle Aaron Donald, the G-Men have selected Notre Dame offensive lineman Zack Martin in the fourth and final installment of this year’s cover32 mock draft.

Martin, a talented and versatile offensive lineman, has steadily climbed up most analysts draft boards and was cited by the NFL Network’s Mike Mayock as being the safest player in the draft today at an NFL Play 60 Event at Chelsea Waterside Park in Manhattan. He’s not the athlete that someone like Taylor Lewan is, but he’s actually a better, fiercer performer in run blocking despite Lewan’s penchant for being overly physical.

Martin’s short arms are cause for concern because that has generally been considered a disadvantage against talented pro-level pass rushers. However, Martin’s teammate should he be picked by the Giants at No. 12, Justin Pugh, was selected last year by the Giants at 19 to play tackle despite similar concerns—and Martin’s arms are more than an inch longer than Pugh’s.

Martin is not an elite athlete, but shows good work and burst off the line of scrimmage. He stays in front of opposing defenders and powers through them with impressive strength.

For a Giants’ offensive line that was just downright sorry to watch in 2013, Martin would be another pivotal addition to the group in Jerry Reese’s effort to rebuild the battered unit and protect the Giants’ franchise quarterback, Eli Manning. Whether he be plugged in at tackle or moved inside to guard, Martin could excel like no other prospect in this year’s draft. That in itself is of great value at the 12th pick when passing the football—and thus, protecting the quarterback—is at a premium.

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