Mike Mayock sees no reason for New York Jets to trade out of 18th pick


NFL Network analyst Mike Mayock was in attendance for a Play 60 event at Chelsea Waterside Park in New York City. He spent a lot of time before media availability to the players, answering questions regarding the 2014 NFL Draft’s top prospects and what he thought of certain team’s situations.

Of high interest among many of the New York reporters in the scrum, was what the New York Jets may be thinking as they head into the first round with the 18th pick of the draft. There have been rumors about the Jets potentially trading out of that pick, but Mayock questioned whether it was even necessary.

“I don’t know how high they think they’re going to get up or how low they think Michael Evans would fall, but obviously wide receiver and corner are issues there,” he said. “I don’t see them moving up to be honest with you. I think they can sit at 18 and get a [Brandin] Cooks or maybe even a [Odell] Beckham if they’re lucky. I think they’re doing their homework. John Idzik does his homework and I think they’re saying ‘alright, if a Mike Evans slides into the 12-13 range, why wouldn’t you go get him?’”

Obviously, the Jets have a need at both positions. Wide receiver has long been a vacant hole for Gang Green and cornerback, once the team’s most dependable positions, is now just as barren after the departure of Antonio Cromartie through free agency.

As Mayock noted, the Jets’ best bet may just be to stay put. While it may be nice to slide up and get a Mike Evans or Justin Gilbert, there are no guarantees. Players like Brandin Cooks or Jason Verrett should be there for them at No. 18, and will provide them with the immediate improvement and punch they’re looking for on either side of the football.

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