Richard Sherman takes shot at Commissioner Goodell


Earlier today Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks became the highest paid cornerback in the NFL. If you thought all that money would make him more shy about voicing his opinions, you would have been wrong.

In an interview with Time magazine, Sherman was asked about the Donald Sterling controversy in the NBA. When asked if he thought that Commissioner Roger Goodell would react as decisively as Adam Silver did, Sherman was frank:

TIME: NBA commissioner Adam Silver banned Donald Sterling for life. Do you think if an NFL owner made similar comments, would commissioner Roger Goodell react in the same way, and do you think an owner would be banned for life?

Sherman: No I don’t. Because we have an NFL team called the Redskins. I don’t think the NFL really is as concerned as they show. The NFL is more of a bottom line league. If it doesn’t effect their bottom line, they’re not as concerned.

That’s a strong indictment from Sherman who unlike Michael Crabtree was recently ranked one of the 100 most influential people in the world. You can read the rest of Sherm’s interview with Time here.

Sterling, who owns the Los Angeles Clippers was caught on tape berating his old girlfriend for taking pictures with Magic Johnson. He told her not to bring black people to his games and made a number of other overtly racist remarks. It was hardly the first time that Sterling was involved in a racial controversy. He was sued several times for discrimination as well. NBA Commissioner Silver banned Sterling for life, fined him $2.5 million dollars and has vowed to force Sterling to sell. Silver’s actions have been almost universally lauded by the sports world.

via dollar vigilante

Silver’s example makes all of the other major sports commissioners look weak and ineffective by comparison, including Goodell. Sherman is dead on about the NFL only caring about the bottom line – without a major economic incentive they simply refuse to be progressive on issues like racism and player safety.

Hopefully Sherman will continue to use his status as a voice for change in the NFL and in our society. Keep on rolling!

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  • larry

    Who Cares what Sherman thinks, he’s just an overrated bigmouth jackass anyway. Godell should ban Sherman 4 life for being an ignorant putz.

    • Randy

      Larry you are 100% right and people need to stop all their bull#### about the Redskins yes i said it Redskins.why not just go after crackerjack(and it has a white guy on the box)think the native americans would want their land back first!some race issues are legit and some are bull####.

      • The truth hurts

        @larry @randy you two are fucking morons! Is Sherman lying? No. The redskins name is racist and Cracker Jack is made by a white owned company! Do you even know where the word cracker comes from if you did you would know it’s more derogative towards other races! Who’s more ignorant Sherman or you?

      • Anonymous

        Cracker Jack is the name of the Navy uniform the guy is wearing.
        What race would you expect the company to advertise?

  • Blackhawk

    So he doesn’t think that the NBA is the same as the NFL? Of course they suspended Sterling because if they didn’t it would have affected their bottom line. Does he really think it wouldn’t be different in the NFL? So what about the Redskins name…that is a totally different issue that has the majority of folks wanting them to keep the name. People can argue if it’s a racists term or not…that wasn’t it’s original intent and I don’t take it as one personally but I do realize that some out there do. Point is Goodell would have done the same….I don’t see Redskins fans threatening to boycott the games…reason is if they do they will just find the same number of people to replace them in the stands.

  • Joolyen

    He’s right but it’s because the NFL is an owner run league where the NBA players have much more input and control in their league. Goodell is a tool anyway. He really blew it with his twitter Q&A the other day.

  • Big John

    Redskins = not okay, BET (Black Entertainment) = Okay ??? – Sherman = assumptions – Do I think he’s right – Hell no – Do I think he has the right to say what he thinks, Hell yes … Remember this is the land of the free (speech, thoughts, religion, etc…) and the home of a bunch of whinny @s people …

  • TomTom

    When Sherman speaks it sounds awfully racist to my ears.

  • nwrogue

    To everyone bitchin’ about what Sherm said:

    He did not volunteer the comment. He was asked in an interview. Don’t ask the man a question if you don’t want an honest answer. By now the whole world should know that he is going to speak his mind.

  • tsawd

    hey sherman..since you always run your mouth at max volume about these racial matters, what is your opinion about recent remarks by michael jordan..?