The Mock to end all Mocks sees the New Orleans Saints add a playmaker


Well after three doses of Kyle Fuller the cover32 Mock Draft 4.0 finally gives us a new player to talk about: Marqise Lee.

Lee ends up being the pick at number 27 for two reasons, neither of which are truly encouraging:

  1. The four or five better options at 27th overall were already off the board
  2. We didn’t have the opportunity to last-minute trade

If it were up to me, we would have traded out of the first round when it was evident that Lee was the pick. Kyle Fuller came off the board at number 22 to Philadelphia and Bradley Roby two picks later to Cincinnati (Dennard and Gilbert were long gone by then. Odell Beckham Jr., Brandin Cooks, and Cody Latimer were all gone by pick 23 (although Lee seems to me to be a better option than Latimer). CJ Mosley and Calvin Pryor were taken 19 and 20, and even Ryan Shazier was snatched from our grasp at number 26.

So as we approached our pick I would certainly have been shopping the number 27 around, bordering on begging for one of the quarterback-needy teams to let us drop back in exchange for a mid-round pick.

However, if this is how the draft shakes out and Lee ends up donning the Black & Gold, it’s not all doom and gloom for Saints fans. You’ll remember two years ago Lee was widely considered to be the best receiver in college football, and his issues stem both from quarterback play and a lack of concentration and a propensity for injury.

Injuries can be a cause for concern, but after working him out before the draft the Saints will certainly have vetted the potential for recurring injuries (and by all accounts they were thrilled with his workout). As far as concentration goes, again that is something that can be improved relatively quickly with the right motivation, which the Saints have proven they can provide.

And quarterback play … let’s just say he’ll be taking a large step up in that category.

It seems like Lee could return to his game-changing form pretty quickly in a Saints uniform, and certainly those within the organization know his potential better than I do (after bringing him to New Orleans). It’s not my favorite pick, and if I was Mickey Loomis I would likely trade out before taking Lee 27th overall, but at the end of the day there is tremendous upside with this kid and if it comes down to it he will be worthy of wearing a Saints uniform.

To see the full version of cover32’s Mock Draft 4.0, click here.


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