7-round NFL Draft predictions for the New York Giants


NFL Draft Day is finally here and in just mere hours Roger Goodell will soon be calling the first overall pick up to the stage. Draft experts can stop looking into their crystal balls, to try to predict who will go where, and they, like the rest of us, will all have to sit and wait to find out who goes where. However, while there is still some time, here is a one final look at what the Giants could do with all seven of their picks.

Round 1 (12th Overall): Zach Martin OL, Notre Dame
For Months its seemed like the Giants could take Eric Ebron 12th overall, but in the last week or so more and more reports have come out and suggested that the team is souring on him. In a recent interview Paul Schwartz, of the New York Post, reported that Reese seemed “flabbergasted” when someone suggested that tight ends have played a prominent role in the past. Martin to the Giants on other hand seems to really be picking up steam. Martin’s versatility is really what the Giants like about him. He would be a small tackle in the NFL, but the Giants are like looking for him to compete for a guard position with Chris Snee.

Round 2 (43th overall):
Dominique Easley DT, Florida

The Giants need to address the loss of Linval Joseph and they can do so by selecting Easley with this pick. While other players like Kelvin Benjamin and Jace Amaro will be available the Giants have too much inexperience on the defensive line to not take a defensive tackle. Easley’s injury history will cause him to fall into the second which makes him a great value pick for the Giants. Before his 2013 season was cut rkshort by an ACL tear, Easley started 23 games for the Gators and was a frequent visitor in opponent’s backfields. Easley is in an explosive player off the ball and should be able to succeed in the Giants aggressive defensive system.

Round 3 (74th Overall):
Allen Robinson WR, Penn State

Robinson is shooting up teams big boards and is starting to garner warranted attention. The only things preventing him from getting selected earlier are a deep draft and team needs at other positions. Robinson is a deep threat that also has great route running ability. Last year at PSU he caught 96 passes for over 1300 yards. He would add size to the Giants roster that needs help at the outside receiver position and would be a great replacement for Hakeem Nicks.

Round 4 (113th Overall): C.J. Fiedorowicz TE, Iowa

There is no doubt about his ability to block and he fits the mold at tight end for the Giants. Dan Brugler of CBS Sports described him as less flashier Austin Seferain-Jenkins that blocks better. During the senior bowl and at the combine, he displayed more athleticism than was originally thought. Fiedorowicz possesses more speed and better body control one would expect from a big man. The Giants will still need a tight end and at this point he will probably be the best available player at his position.

Round 5 (152nd Overall): Brandon Coleman WR, Rutgers

He is 6’6”, has long arms, broad shoulders and surprising speed for someone his size. However he does lack physicality for a bigger player and many receivers his size fail to succeed in NFL. Coleman looks like an NFL split end and the team that drafts him will hope that he will turn into a Vincent Jackson type of receiver. He will surely be a project but every Giant fan remembers how well Eli preformed when he had a similarly framed Plaxico Burress.

Round 5 (174th Overall): Ed Reynolds S, Stanford

With Will Hill’s career likely over with the Giants, Antrel Rolle’s entering the final year of his contract, and Stevie Brown coming off an ACL injury, the Giants will need to address the safety position. Reynolds, from Stanford, is an interesting prospect. In his first season as a starter for the Cardinal in 2012, he earned third team All-American honors and led the nation with six interceptions. His 2013 campaign was rather unimpressive and his performance at the combine only hurt his stock even more. Reynolds has potential and this will be the point in the draft where it is safe for Jerry Reese to pick a low-risk high reward player.

Round 6 (187th Overall): Isaiah Crowell RB, Alabama State

Crowell is a 5’11”, 190 pound running back who is never afraid to lower the pads and play bigger than his smaller frame suggests. He is also a very capable pass blocker and Eli needs all the help he can get. He started his career with the Georgia Bull Dogs and in 2011 where he racked up 850 yards and the SEC’s Freshman of the Year honors. However due to some off the field issues in 2012, including two felony weapons charges that were later dropped, he was cut from Georgia. Crowell transferred to FCS Alabama State where last year, he gained 1121 yards, and 15 touchdowns. If he can keep himself out of trouble he could turn into a really solid back up for Rashad Jennings if David Wilson’s injury keeps him from playing at 100%.

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  • OhCrapItsMatt

    I’ll buy u a ten speed if two of these end up being right!

    • Matt Gebhard

      I think I’ll hold you to that

      • Beezus

        up the bet. If he gets 3 right you gotta give him an inflatable raft.

        • OhCrapItsMatt

          holy shit i forgot i have that…

  • Killer Beez

    My review:
    1- Must draft this man. He can play guard, center, or tackle. We need help at all 3. Safe pick that must contribute.
    2 – Not a huge fan. I know we got a big hole at DT but is this guy going to fill it? There are too many second round busts in the past few years for me to feel good about anyone.
    3 – This is a dream pick. Not sure he will be there but the value will be great. I can see this kid in the league for a long time.
    4 – I love that last name. Dude is a typical Giants TE and probably better than anyone on our roster. Eli has worked with less, bring the boy in.
    5 – I think there is upside with this kid. People don’t regress at his age, but teams do. I think the talent is there and if he falls to us in the 5th I would be happy to have him in.
    6 – Gotta bring in a RB somewhere right?

    Final thoughts: Where are all the CB’s and LB’s? Why does this team feel like it has so many holes? Do horses wear socks?

  • CitehLovingJesus

    Awesome picks, I agree with most. But a new QB should be picked in order to train him while Eli is still in his prime

    • Lou Musto

      You’d like to think that’s what they traded up last year to get Nassib for, but who knows?

      • OhCrapItsMatt

        or signed J Freeman, Rusty Trombone Smith or CP17 Curtis Painter

  • eTerryLee

    Pretty much agree with Killer Beez review, except for #5. Giants have to do a way better job evaluating any “Ramses Barden” type of player. Wasted valuable roster spot(s). Yes you can want a type of player. But then do what ever it takes to find out if a person can or cannot be THAT type of player, ASAP. The NFL has changed drastically, the Giants have not kept up and have missed way too much on drafting and developing players in the last 3 or 4 years. 2013 season extremely disappointing because it appeared Giants had a very deep roster. Obviously their “system” needs to be changed for the better. Gotta start measuring heart and attitude more. Russel Wilson is an overachiever who no one would “predict” he would EVER be a Super Bowl champion. Gotta find enough players who are life-long overachievers that will always be hungry enough with an “oh yeah?, I”ll show you” attitude. There is always a never ending supplied of “talented” players. I will always take those who” really want it” every time over the “physically superior”.

    • Killer Beez

      I have to agree. I definitely don’t mind bringing in some chronic over achievers. MATT MCGLOIN FOR PRESIDENT

    • Anonymous

      Well 2013, was disappointing BECAUSE this roster wasn’t deep. Their system, no doubt needed tweaking, but they hired McAdoo to do that. Also I don’t think. developing players was so much a problem, it was players that were developed just got older. Sure there were definite swings and misses by Reese, (i.e. Barden, Sintim) but to not draf physically superior players isn’t the answer. Sure players with a Russell Wilson attitude are great but attitude only gets you so far. Look at Danny Woodhead; same attitude as Wilson. Sure he’s a solid 2nd back for teams, but he’s hardly a game changer.