Buffalo Bills move up to draft WR Sammy Watkins 4th overall


All I can say right now is “WOW!”. After much speculation of the Buffalo Bills looking to move up in this years draft to get a guy they thought would propel them into a playoff worthy team, the Bills actually traded their 9th overall pick along with their 2015 first and fourth round picks to the Cleveland Browns so they could jump up 5 spots and select Sammy Watkins 4th overall.

The Bills said they wanted to put as many offensive weapons around EJ Manuel as possible and damn it they were serious. This is a scouting department that has brought in some incredible talent the last few years, you can rest assured they did their homework and were convinced that Watkins was worth every bit of what they paid for him.

If you follow any Bills fans on Twitter then you know there was an enormous amount of fans tweeting to bring Watkins to Buffalo and I have to believe that there are an awful lot of happy Bills fans right now. This is a guy that is sure to be a star for whatever team he plays for and I think time will show that he is a player we wouldn’t want to see play anywhere else than Buffalo. We still have 6 more rounds of the draft to go but until we get to that take a look at our future #1 wideout Sammy Watkins!

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  • nick

    Big, bold move; very risky if it doesn’t work out. Very high price. However, we understand Bills’ need to get to next level — now. Build the stadium, get to playoffs, keep the franchise in WNY. YOu can’t take 5 years to get good anymore; because you can’t keep your talent core together that long. Hope this works. Will be exciting for sure.