Report: If Johnny Manziel falls, Giants would consider taking him


It might seem impossible, but should former Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel fall to the New York Giants at No. 12 in the 2014 NFL Draft, they may consider taking him, according to multiple media outlets.

The likelihood of that happening are slim with many teams ahead of the Giants in need of a quarterback and the Giants themselves were not expected to take a quarterback after adding Ryan Nassib in the fourth round of last year’s draft. But’s Jordan Raanan notes that with the team highly interested in guys like Teddy Bridgewater and Blake Bortles, “it’s not crazy.”

Manning is 33 and coming off arthroscopic ankle surgery and the worst professional season of his career. ESPN had reported in mid-April that the Giants front office may be wondering if the former No. 1 overall pick may be on the decline after bringing two Super Bowl championships to the organization while in his prime.

With all of that in mind, his cap hit isn’t exactly going down either. That could make it enticing to consider moving on from the offensive captain if a potential franchise quarterback like Manziel falls into their laps.

Of all the top quarterback prospects in the draft, Manziel may be the most unsafe. But perhaps that’s why the Giants would be willing to take the risk. They could also seek to use him as trade bait for a team that may have been interested in taking him later in the draft, like the Cleveland Browns, Houston Texans or Jacksonville Jaguars.

No one really has a clue into what kind of player Manziel could be at the NFL level. Mike Mayock loves him. Merril Hoge seems to think he’s the worst thing to enter the NFL since Tim Tebow (not his words but he certainly shares the same loathe he had when people wanted Tebow to be a starting quarterback in the NFL).

Meanwhile, his former teammate Mike Evans told me Manziel should be the No. 1 pick and is unquestionably the best player in this draft. Everyone has their view on Johnny Football, and if the rumors are true, it appears the Giants feel strongly enough about him that they may be willing to make him their new franchise quarterback in a few years’ time.

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