The Carolina Panthers shouldn’t draft these 10 guys, the biggest busts of 2014 class


Roger Goodell will announce 32 names tonight, all of whom have dreams and aspirations of being a star in the NFL. But reality tells us that at least half of the first-round picks in the 2014 draft will be flops.

They’ll make rosters, as teams have too much invested in them to not give them opportunity after opportunity after opportunity. But they won’t live up to the expectations; they won’t justify being a No. 1 pick by whatever franchise writes their name on the card that Goodell reads.

That’s just reality. For every future Pro Bowl player selected tonight, there will be at least two or three guys who completely flame out, labeled forever as a “bust.”

Who will be the biggest disappointments from this class? The editors at cover32 came up with a pre-draft list of the 10 players who will ultimately be the biggest busts of the 2014 NFL Draft. To read it, click here.

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