This Missouri duo could do wonders for the San Francisco 49ers defense


The moment we have all been waiting for is here. Draft Day. Whether the 49ers will make moves or make surprising picks, it will be a fun few days.

Besides the NFL Draft, Aldon Smith has been the main topic of discussion surrounding the 49ers. It has brought up questions as to whether or not the 49ers should draft a defensive end. To be honest, it is not a bad idea. The team is in need of some young players, and adding a rookie defensive end is not a bad idea.

At the moment, the 49ers defensive front is made up of the Smith duo, Aldon Smith and Justin Smith. Both players attended the University of Missouri but at different times.

In today’s draft, there are two Missouri defensive ends who could benefit the 49ers, Kony Ealy and Michael Sam. If the 49ers draft one of these defensive ends, their pass-rushing force would drastically improve.

I am not saying that the 49ers should draft either of these two players, but drafting one of them could be helpful for the team.

Coming out of college, Ealy is a better player than Aldon Smith was. Standing 6 foot 5 and weighing 275 pounds, Ealy is quick and has a great pass-rushing ability — and the 49ers could utilize his ability during the season.

Ealy is definitely a first-round pick, so if Ealy is still around when the 49ers draft 30th, I could see the front office considering drafting him. However, the team is really looking into a wide receiver.

On the other hand, there’s the SEC Defensive Player of the Year, Sam, who is projected to be a late-round draft pick.

Sam may have not performed to expectations at the NFL combine, but his performance during his senior season was more than impressive. He may not posses the same structural features as Ealy, but his awareness and mobility on the field provide for a great threat on defense.

Sam totaled 44 tackles as a senior, 17 of them for a loss and 10.5 of them as sacks.

Do not expect Sam’s homosexuality to affect him as a football player. He wants to be known as Michael Sam the football player. Not Michael Sam the gay football player.

If the 49ers are looking to draft wide receivers, cornerbacks and an offensive lineman early, drafting Sam in one of the later rounds could be a huge pickup for the defense.

Even if the 49ers don’t draft either defensive lineman, expect the 49ers to make moves to pick up one during the draft because an outside pass-rusher may become a necessity in the near future.

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