Your 2014 NFL Draft guide for the New York Jets


Jets should trade down

If you’ve been listening to the media for oh, say the last four months, you’ve probably heard that this is a “deep” draft class. You aren’t likely to find a superstar outside the top 1 (yes, one). Jadeveon Clowney is the only player projected to be transcendent in this year’s group. For sure, we can’t know if that’s right or not for another decade plus, but for now, we’ll go on that assumption.

That being said, why shouldn’t the Jets try to trade down? The position they most need to address, wide receiver, is stacked with talented guys. From Odell Beckham, Jr. to Brandin Cooks and even Kelvin Benjamin, there are more than a handful of wide outs that all seem to grade out in a similar fashion: mid-1st to early 2nd round picks. It really all just depends on a coach’s preference and how one player fits in a system.

And with that type of talk heading in to the draft, the Jets should be able to find an able-bodied receiver among the bunch with the possibility of stocking some future picks while they’re at it. So often we see a team trading up in the first round, giving up their own 1st-round pick, plus a 3rd round pick this year, or a 2nd-round pick for next. Teams always want tangible pieces over the what-ifs.

The Jets should take advantage of that. As a team with actually very few holes to fill, and only one or two glaring needs, management holds a position of power in any deal. If you don’t like the pieces another front office is offering, so be it, pass it up. The Jets will still be able to pick from a nice contingent of steady college playmakers who project well to the NFL.

But, if you can find that team eager enough to give up something valuable, like a proven wide out plus picks, or a couple of future draft slots, why not take it? In many ways, the draft is like a crapshoot. The more picks you have, the better the odds you pick up a future pro-bowler.

So as we settle in for hours of arguing, conjecturing and debate, why not let this be a part of it?

Happy draft day, everyone.

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