5 reasons trading down was right move for Seahawks


After all that waiting the first round pick for the Seahawks was no pick at all. Seattle traded down and will get a second and fourth round pick from the Vikings which allowed Minnesota to pick Louisville star quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. That gives the 40th and 64th picks for Seattle in day two. Day two will be a key day for the Seahawks, and here is what you should be prepared for, from a Seattle state of mind:

1)Financially, Seattle is better off

There is a huge drop off between salaries of first round draft picks and second round draft picks. With the Seahawks dropping huge money on Richard Sherman and Earl Thomas, paying for a first rounder was going to be difficult. This will help Seattle use their money smarter, which will make it easier to reload and restructure contracts and keep their Super Bowl roster intact in the long term.


I previously talked about trading out of the first round and vox.com also broke into the economic intelligence of the draft. This commodity aspect to the trade shows a lot of strength by the Seahwaks front office because the players available at that price wasn’t worth it, especially when the Vikings had to snipe Bridgewater away from the Broncos. This wasn’t just a let-Minnesota-fend-for-themselves move like one Twit suggested, this was an economic transaction that went in Seattle’s favor.

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