Minnesota Vikings named one of biggest losers from day one of NFL Draft


After all of the wheeling and dealing, surprising picks and green-room drama, the first round of the NFL Draft finally came to a close last night around midnight in New York City. And when the dust settled, providing a clear picture of what transpired across 32 selections, it was apparent that some teams had a worse night than others.

To see the five biggest losers from day one of the 2014 NFL Draft, click here.

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  • JAY

    OK, so Clowney was regarded by I guess almost everyone as the stud of the draft. He played 2 years at a major college at DE (23 games). And let’s see, Barr played 2 years at LB at a major college (27 games). Clowney: 130 tackles, Barr: 149. Clowney: 47 tackles for loss, Barr: 41.5. Clowney: 24 sacks, Barr: 23.5, Clowney: 9 forced fumbles, Barr: 10. As for Bridgewater, well I guess they like to ignore that at in December it was Bridgewater rated not only as the number 1 QB in the draft but the Number 1 player. so how is it the Vikings lose again? And with QB needs ahead of them recent projections had Bridgewater and Manziel gone leaving them with “the rest”. So how exactly did they lose again? Were they supposed to pick the stud DB/CB in a weak class? Why would anyone pick the best of the mediocre instead of the best in at least a very good class? One or both be busts. But so can any of the so-called can’t miss guys like Clowney or Khalil Mack (small college). Just ask Dan Mandarich, Todd Marinovich, Ryan Leaf, Brady Quinn, Matt Leinert…..

  • Mike

    Tony mandarich