Paul Richardson fits the mold for Seahawks


They definitely like certain styles of wide receivers in Seattle. Newest Seattle wide receiver and the first pick of the Seattle Seahawks is former University of Colorado Buffalo Paul Richardson. He is a six-feet, 175 pound speedster that will be the direct replacement of Golden Tate.

Here’s Richardson doing work at the NFL Combine:

Richardson had 19 catches of 20+ yards last year so he can get some separation when in a footrace scenario. He is considerably undersized though in the physical receiving game required by the NFC West.

Scheme touches to get the ball in his hands and let him make plays in the open field will be the best way to use Richardson, similar to New England’s Julian Edelman was when Wes Welker was still with the Patriots. Without a reliable receiving option at tight end, Richardson will provide comfortable routes for Russell Wilson with big upside when the ball is in his hands.

Watch him work, and have faith in Pete Carroll and John Schneider.

More draft coverage to come!

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  • Hawksfan206912

    Yep.. i like what i see already.. that boy is LIGHTNING fast.. maybe faster than harvin? could be! either way he will learn the seahawk way this year! good addition!

  • Zack

    I like everything about this article except for the incredibly ignorant comment about the Seahawks not having a reliable receiving option at TE. Wow, guess you didn’t watch the same Seahawks team I watched last season with the 2 VERY RELIABLE TEs. Not every TE in the NFL is Jimmy Graham, Witten, or Gonzalez. I’ll take our guys for their much more reliable blocking ability as well as their sure hands.