The St. Louis Rams haul from the RGIII trade in one beautiful flowchart


I’ve been arguing for years that the RGIII trade – Les Snead’s first major move as Rams general manager – was a masterstroke for the hometown boys in blue and gold.

Some friends (including cover32 senior editor Will Petersen) have argued that the Rams should’ve just taken Griffin and cut bait with Bradford back in the day.

But even the most hardcore opponents of the RGIII trade from the Rams perspective have to admit that the Rams came out on top. In case you still have that one buddy who ignores logic altogether or simply is missing a few brain cells, Business Insider put together a helpful little graphic that explains just how well that trade worked out in the Rams’ favor.

Behold this piece of beautiful art.

RGIII trade


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  • John Mitts

    From all indicators, it appears the Rams have taken a huge step to compete in their division and in the league in general. 2014-15 are shaping up to be very, very interesting. And bring some surprise to the rest of the coming year’s adversaries! Not to mention that it will add some more people to the stands. Maybe, with luck, we can start a bit about football after week 17.

    • Spencer Engel

      Let’s hope so, John. It’s been a long time since we’ve had post-Week 17 football around here!