Were the Pittsburgh Steelers big winners or big losers last night?


After all of the wheeling and dealing, surprising picks and green-room drama, the first round of the NFL Draft finally came to a close last night around midnight in New York City. And when the dust settled, providing a clear picture of what transpired across 32 selections, it was apparent that some teams had a better night than others.

To see the five biggest winners from day one of the 2014 NFL Draft, click here.

To see the five biggest losers from day one of the 2014 NFL Draft, click here.

  • bob graff

    The best way to look at it is see what the afc champs did this off season and draft and compare it with what we are doing. Does that answer your question???

  • bob graff

    As the draft progresses i think the Steelers are very comfortable playing the guys they already had. With the pick of Shazier i think they feel they have a LB/safety hybrid if that’s what what they wanted then they got one. I see the other picks waiting to play which has been the Steeler way for a long time. In other words there was no plan in place to get right now starters with this draft. I think going forward with this plan best case scenario 10-6 worst case 7-9 . But this by no means is a Superbowl contender.