Buffalo Bills finish the draft with another troubled past


The Bills had two 7th round picks in this years NFL Draft and they selected OLB Randal Johnson and OT Seantrel Henderson. The 7th round typically doesn’t see many superstars come out of it, its a lot of times the round where teams draft a kicker or take a chance on someone with a troubling past which would be the case for Seantrel Henderson. There is tremendous talent that falls to the 7th round as many Bills fans can tell you that’s where recently traded Stevie Johnson was drafted.

Randal Johnson is 6’3″ 242 pounds who had 195 tackles, 30.5 tackles for loss and 10.5 sacks throughout his 4 year collegial career. He is dubbed as an “athletic project” so we’ll see how he fits in behind Keith Rivers and Manny Lawson. He has some pretty good speed so if the coaches are able to develop him properly he just might surprise a lot of people in the near future.

Seantrel Henderson is a whopping 6’8″ 344 pounds! He was at one time projected to be a first round draft pick, that is until he was suspended numerous times for testing positive for marijuana. He even failed his combine drug test for the same thing and that was his ultimate undoing, what makes that so much worse is that he knew his stock in the draft completely depended on passing that test. He’s lucky he even got drafted but he could of been drafted so much higher if he was able to just keep his nose clean.

Coach Doug Marrone is certainly going to have his hands busy this season making sure his players stay on the right path, with the drafting of Cyril Richardson (click this link for reason why) and Dareus recently being arrested for having synthetic marijuana in Alabama I’m sure Marrone will be having a lot of long talks with his players this year.

If Henderson can give up the reefer he could have a very successful NFL career, one that will put millions of dollars into his bank account, and if that happens then the Buffalo Bills could soon have one of the best offensive tackles in the league because Doug Marrone believes in giving people a second chance. There aren’t too many NFL coaches in the NFL like Doug Marrone so I only hope those he has extended his hand to show him he is doing the right thing.

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