Is Jack Mewhort What the Colts Need?


The Indianapolis Colts chose not to make any trades to move up in this year’s draft leaving them to wait until the 59th overall pick before being on the clock. One key area that the Colts needed to be address was their offensive line, and they used their second round pick to do so with the selection of Jack Mewhort .

Mewhort was a three-year starter for Urban Meyer at Ohio State, and has been able to stay healthy, having no serious injury issues in college. During the 2013 season, Mewhort was voted team captain.

There was an arrest in 2012 for obstructing official business; Mewhort immediately took responsibility for his actions showing great maturity that is not always seen amongst collegiate athletes. That maturity and his leadership on the field are intangibles that cannot be taught, and can bring a great asset to the Colts’ locker room.

Despite playing at right tackle throughout college, Indianapolis will more than likely move him down to the guard position which has been suspect at time. When he is engaged with a defender, he has great hand placement and balance to sustain blocks. Mewhort has a very high football IQ when it comes to his blocking assignments and has the flexibility to play anywhere on the offensive line. One area that Mewhort will need to improve on is at the point of attack, and struggles against quicker defenders which shouldn’t be too big an issue if he is placed in at guard.

Mewhort is a whistle to whistle player who is not known to shy away from bigger defenders. Mewhort can be knocked back at times during pass protection but is quick to regain his balance, and reestablish position. The Colts found a potential long-term selection that Andrew Luck, and the running backs will be pleased to see him on the front line.

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