Seattle Seahawks add another pass rusher, very intelligent blitzer in fourth round


The last fourth round pick for Seattle in 2014 is Kevin Pierre-Louis, an outside linebacker standing six feet tall and weighing 232 pounds. He had respectable numbers at the combine that backed up his impressive field smarts displayed as an all-ACC guy while at Boston College.

Pierre-Louis’ can time blitzes and really get after the quarterback, along with adding a lot to delays and stunts for defensive linemen to deal with. With the moves Seattle opponents have made this year in the draft, this was another chess move to prepare for the long term. With the other intelligent players on the defense, I’m really excited to see this group add some real smarts against San Francisco and win the right way.

This is another guy who could hit the weight room and become stronger. The strength and conditioning unit is going to need to have a big offseason. Here are some highlights of Pierre-Louis.

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  • Ron Shafer

    I will be cheering for

    I will be cheering for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks.

  • jc

    You really need to find somewhere else for these stupid remarks. This is a sports page, not porn page.

    • Tim Weaver

      Thank you, jc. I’m sure there is a place somewhere on the internet to share a Russell Wilson fixation, but this is not it. Keep it clean folks or we may have to change the comments policy. Don’t ruin it for everyone.