Video: Would you prefer Jake Locker, Derek Carr or Zach Mettenberger?


Who would you take, if you were the Tennessee Titans?

Jake Locker:

Zach Mettenberger

Derek Carr:


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  • Zack

    Considering Locker is the only one of them to have thrown an NFL pass AND play like an All-Pro before getting hurt last season… Locker is the right answer. I have no doubt he’ll stay healthy this season and be the QB the Titans knew he would be when they drafted him.

  • Raj Prashad

    Let’s hope so.

  • jeremy lundeen

    I’m going with mettenberger. He may not be brady, but i know how hard he’ll work, and his ceiling is multiple superbowl appearances. Zach has a high football IQ, and his arm talent is up there with Luck and Flacco. Yes he needs protection, at last check teams employ coaches and players to do just that. Protect this guy and he will deliver. He’s going to surpass everyone’s expectations excluding maybe his own this year. Mettenberger was this drafts biggest steal. I’m proud of the titans for giving Zach this opportunity. It is going to be their franchise defining moment. If you have a franchise QB you are always a Superbowl threat. The titans now have someone who is a franchise QB. Mettenberger is efficient vs man, zone, blitz, and he excels downfield at a higher rate than most QB’s. Don’t buy the bogus talking points about mettenberger being inaccurate that his detractors spout. His accuracy is very good, the best in the draft class. Zach is the only guy in this draft who’s numbers were created making pro level passes against pro level competition in the SEC. Better times are on the horizon for the Titans!

  • tricia leeroth

    Jake’s my guy, and always will be!