WEEKLY REWIND: Redskins Draft Day, Dan Snyder's 15th Anniversary


So you woke up today and realized that the Draft started two days ago and Mother’s Day is tomorrow. We can help you with one of those problems. This week’s weekly rewind parses the draft, and you’ll be the most competent sounding son/daughter about the Redskins draft at the Mother’s Day dinner. As for a Mother’s Day gift? I recommend dumpster diving: it’s cheap, easy, but sometimes riddled with diseases. (If any of you try to make a ‘Yo Momma’ joke right now, that was hilarious. Good play.)

Draft Predictions

Sound like a boss while watching the draft today; Tom Garret already broke down rounds 5-7 of the Redskins Draft so you don’t have too.

Also, the cover32 Redskins writing staff got together for a powwow earlier this week to dicuss the Redskins Draft. And we actually haven’t been that far off


Although precluded from the first round because of the blockbuster 2012 trade with the St. Louis Rams, the Redskins needed to draft with RGIII in mind.

They did just that by trading down from the 34th pick overall. Here’s the Washington Redskins trade with the Dallas Cowboys summed up in one tweet…

The Redskins then drafted a guy at no. 47 who made the list of top 10 players in the 2014 draft class.

Then the Redskins made the Dallas Cowboys look silly with the 66th pick overall.

And to round out last night, the Redskins picked a guy who has something in common with RGIII that might surprise you…

Dan Snyder’s Anniversary

This year marks the 15th year since Mr. Dan Snyder bought the Washington Redskins. We got him a letter of ‘appreciation’ to show him our feelings.

15 years means 15 drafts: The top 5 draft picks from the Dan Snyder Era.

It also means 15 years of overhyped expectations. This year Eli Park kept his predictions sobered. Then again, in his next article, Park claimed that Jim Haslett will create a Washington Redskins defense that is the league leader in both sacks and turnovers. Recovery is a process.

Lowest viewed article of the Week

What would the Washington Redskins House Words be in the Game of Thrones? Apparently none of you can afford HBO. Or books.





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