New England Patriots receive one of lowest draft grades in AFC


Seven rounds and 256 players later, the 2014 NFL Draft is finally complete. As the dust settles, it’s time to assess how each team fared during the league’s annual selection meeting.

Some went all in, seemingly mortgaging their future for the player they wanted this year (see Buffalo). Others were able to wheel and deal their way to multiple high-profile picks (see St. Louis and Cleveland). While a few appeared as though they’d prefer to trade down than make any selections (see Seattle).

Which was the right approach? Time will tell. But to see how things look just two days removed from the end of the draft, and a grade for every team in the AFC, click here.

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  • bob

    The pats. should have stayed home after this pathetic lack of effort.

  • Another Bob

    You don’t know what you are talking about. The 1st pick yep 2 torn ACL’s but that is no longer the kiss of death it used to be look at all the players coming back including Peterson and a few others so the pick was a great one. 2 the Pats are not going to be able to teach receivers their system especially rookies look at last year now they will be worthy players as they will know the play book remember it turned receivers like Ochocinco into a nobody his time here and Brandon Lloyd took 4 games into the season to understand it Thomkins and Dobson will do great this year and don’t forget Bill has a way of taking someone’s cast offs and using them and did you read the other article he took nobody’s and plugged them into a defense that was decimated but he still got them to the Championship game. Wake up if you were really a fan you would wait to judge as anyone that speaks this early has moron written on their forehead

  • A third Bob

    Another Bob, It is all about need. The Pats NEEDED another game changing TE to go along with Gronk and they didn’t even attempt to address it. Oh I guess one of the free agent signings we did this week is supposed to do it right? Which one? The one TE with 28 catches in his WHOLE college career?

    Also the NFL is trending towards bigger, faster and stronger WRs, Safetys and Cornerbacks, So what do the Patriots do with their last two picks? The pick a 5’8″ Safety and a 5’7″ WR. I mean come on. We already have Edelman, Amendola and Boyce, what do we need a 5’7″ WR for???

    The fact of the matter is the Pats made a could “ok” picks, but nothing fantastic. Even if they all turn out well, there isn’t any of them that are going to start at the beginning of the season. There were players out there that could have started on this team, but BB chose to go away from them. I know he thinks he is smarter than everyone else, but it is ok to go with the best available player sometimes. We didn’t need to pick a QB that lead the College ranks in fumbles with our second round pick. We could have picked a TE that could have started game one opposite of Gronk. Then we could have pick David Fales in the 4th round, who is a far better option than Jimmy G to begin with. Let me ask you this, IF Gronk goes down AGAIN, who would be more valuable Jimmy G, or a high caliber TE from the draft? Lets ask it a different way, If Brady goes down, who is more valuable? I still say it is the TE because Mallett would probably get the start if Brady went down and having another good TE to draw SOME of the coverage away from Gronk would help him a ton.

    I personally feel that BB is losing a little bit of his magic. Call it old age or whatever you want to call it, but I don’t think he is outsmarting people like he used to. And I think the only reason we have managed to stay the AFC East champ is because of Brady. I understand that the O-Line was important to protect Brady, but we could have picked two instead of three guys and then got him another weapon. It doesn’t matter how much protection we get Brady, if he doesn’t have someone to throw to, he will have to throw the ball away anyway.

    It just was not a good draft. I am not trying to judge people before we see them, but if you look at the needs coming into the draft, we didn’t address what we needed which was TEs and more weapons for Brady.

  • Milstrat54

    Have to agree with the general population on this one. There are algorithms that can clearly identify a group of several players that form a much better nucleus to choose from that what the Pats actually selected. And I am not talking this year only but as a standard practice the Pats choose poorly. Even those few years when they pick a player that works out, they always get less out of their available draft points than what is possible. Pats are great at training and scheming but when it come to selection they just plain out are near the bottom of the league. If they could even just improve a little they would be heads and shoulders above other teams because they are so good in other areas. And having Brady is a major part of that. Too bad that by the time the Pats figure the draft process out it will be after Brady retires, and probably Belichick. If the Pats could just get a B instead of a D in the selection process they could have put a stranglehold on the AFC Championship and likely the SuperBowl.

  • Not Bob..

    Here is the problem I have with the ‘general population’ analysis..we don’t know what Bill Belichick’s plans are for the team this year so how can we know if he drafted the right players or not? Just when you think you know the game-plan, he changes it. Most of you seem to be going with the assumption that he is trying to rebuild the offensive system they had before losing Hernandez and Gronk to injuries but what if they are no longer going to play the two big tight end scheme? Bill likes to do the unexpected, come up with something new. Once other teams start copying what you are doing you move on to something else. I think he has something else in mind and that’s why he didn’t draft the way we all expected. Also, this Patriot draft ranks much higher than this writers ‘D’ if you check out some of the other sports writers reviews, The most common grade I saw was a B. I still remember those 2-14 seasons before Bill Belichick and I for one believe in him. One way or another he always gets us there.