Peter King: Raiders may have drafted two of the 10 best players


The Oakland Raiders are getting a whole lot of praise from the media during and after their draft, something that is rather odd experience for Raiders fans. But while they received very good draft grades, no one has paid a higher compliment to general manager Reggie McKenzie than MMQB author Peter King.

In the most recent edition of MMQB, King said that the Raiders “might have gotten two of the 10 best players in this draft.”

Considering the fact that the Raiders only had one pick in the first round, that would be an incredible feat. According to King, Khalil Mack and Derek Carr are the two guys who could end up being two of the ten best players in the draft according to King. I think most of the people who have looked at the draft this year would agree with King when it comes to Mack, but the Carr comments are rather surprising.

There are certainly a lot of people who believe that Carr was the best quarterback prospect in this draft. But this was not exactly the strongest quarterback class up top. Even though it was fairly deep, one of the biggest surprises of the draft was quarterback Blake Bortles going so high in the first. So clearly King things more highly of Carr than many do about any quarterback in the class.

But if King is right, this would likely end up being one of, if not the greatest draft classes in Raiders history. As King put it:

Khalil Mack (who didn’t look too thrilled to be a Raider, by the way) and Fresno State quarterback Derek Carr are going to be franchise cornerstones.

While I disagree with his comments about how Mack looked, I sure hope he is right about Carr.

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  • TJA

    James: Grand slam Don Reggie!! Not only with the first two picks but the entire draft. The haters must go !! The Raiders are about to make noise sooner than later!!

  • Rick

    WTF, where is my comment????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Jesse James_72

    First and foremost Khalil Mack will be a solid impact player and with how good GM Reg drafted and picked up UFA’s Khalil will be the face of one of the best defenses for years to come so to all your haters let’s welcome Khalil and all of the players to RaiderNation family

  • show

    If Mack was so dissatisfied with being pick by the raiders then why did he fly out to oaktown shortly after being drafted and walk around the facility meeting personal….

  • sam

    I think the nation will make some loud noise this year. Defense is going to be solid and Yes we do have an offense that will score points! Great draft selection and Free agents pickup….Let’s make some noice in the RNation!!!

  • KevinC

    Great job selecting talent this year. Raider fans must be patient and hope that Coach Allen and Tarver are up to the task of coaching up this team there is talent on both sides of the ball. Mckenzie talent upgrade is needed in the interior defensie line can we say ngata or peko.

  • Danny

    Peter King has been doing this a long time. I don’t always agree with him but it has been a relief to see him and others endorse the Raiders draft. As I’ve been telling anyone who will listen, Reggie McKenzie is the real deal and Mark Davis understands how to run a franchise. The opposite of what we heard about him prior to him taking over. It’s not going to be easy with the schedule but in the long run we’re good to go! Loved the Derek Carr pick, Gabe Jackson, Justin Ellis (finally a nose tackle), and of course MACK!

  • Danny

    By the way; I love black, white, brown, asian, Jewish, gays, middle eastern, European, Australian, and native American people. If I missed any I apologize. My point is there are bad people everywhere but to discard people based on a physical feature shows very low self esteem and intelligence. One love, one nation, one race! Let’s practice love as a religion and eliminate hate. If you don’t agree I wouldnt want to interact with you anyways.