Tennessee Titans prove NFL remains a “what have you done for me now” league


Throughout the weekend, there’s no doubt the Tennessee Titans found value all over the board. Whether it was selecting the third-best tackle in draft, getting a running back that’s been compared to Emmitt Smith or finding a competitor to Jake Locker’s starting job in the sixth round, the Titans wrapped up a very solid draft.

They didn’t, however, look for value and character.

Taylor Lewan, the No. 11 overall pick, and Zach Mettenberger, the last of the top-name quarterbacks both scream caution.

According to the New York Post, Lewan is expected to be handed a handful of charges May 19:

“Lewan is expected to be charged May 19 in Ann Arbor with one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery stemming from an alleged Dec. 1 early-morning altercation with Ohio State fans after the Michigan State-Ohio State game won by the Buckeyes, 42-41. Lewan denies he committed any crime.”

Don’t stop, there’s more:

“There are allegations Lewan attempted to intimidate a woman into not filing charges by threatening to “rape’’ her if she went to the police, a claim Lewan denies.”

If that’s not bad enough, Mettenberger, who was drafted as a possible successor to quarterback Jake Locker. From Yahoo’s Graham Watson:

“Mettenberger signed with Georgia in 2009 out of Oconee County High in Watkinsville, Ga., and was in a hotly contested starting quarterback race with Aaron Murray and Logan Gray (who ended up transferring to Colorado). But in March of 2010, Mettenberger was arrested outside of a local bar after allegedly grabbing the breasts and buttocks of a woman, and also was charged with underage consumption and possession of alcohol, possessing fake identification and disorderly conduct-obstruction. He ultimately pleaded guilty to two counts of misdemeanor sexual battery, the alcohol-related charges were dropped, and he was sentenced to two concurrent, 12-month probationary periods under the state of Georgia’s first-offender act. He also was ordered to pay $2,000 in fines and 40 hours of community service.”

The quarterback also produced a “diluted urine sample” at the NFL combine, per The Tennessean’s Jim Wyatt:

“He produced a diluted urine sample at the combine, but his trainer said it was the result of over-hydration. Mettenberger declined to answer questions about it on Saturday. Whisenhunt also declined to discuss it, citing NFL rules.”

As Ken Whisenhunt embarks in his first season as head coach of the Tennessee Titans, it will be interesting to see what happens to the recent draftees.

Since 2000, the Tennessee Titans have the fourth-most arrests among NFL teams. It doesn’t help that Kenny Britt is responsible for 10 of them on his own.

Lewan and Mettenberger will start with clean slates as members of the Titans organization. So does every other player under Whisenhunt’s guidance.

It remains to be seen whether these guys can change a few past mistakes or whether history repeats itself with this new age of leadership in Tennessee.

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  • Kenny

    So you could not find anywhere in your studies on Mettenberger that he has had no issues since the one incident the beginning of his Freshman year? Oh, that is not news worthy that someone is doing right?