Bears experimenting with Jordan Lynch makes no sense


Once the draft was completed on Saturday, the Bears signed a bunch including Northern Illinois Heisman candidate Jordan Lynch. To further add to the signing, the Bears announced they will try Lynch out at running back instead of his natural quarterback position.

Having drafted Ka’Deem Carey and still having Michael Ford and Tony Fiammetta on the roster, the move makes no sense. This is no offense to Lynch who is a good kid on the surface and should be commended for working hard and being willing to switch positions. From a team standpoint I just don’t get it.

Lynch checks in at about 6’0” and 217 lbs. He runs a 4.65 40-yard dash and had average outcomes in other measurables like broad jump and 3-cone drill. Is he a tailback? No because he isn’t fast enough and doesn’t make the necessary cuts to get past faster NFL linebackers. Is he a fullback? He isn’t powerful enough and really wouldn’t knock anybody off the block.

Instead of making even a little bit of effort in Lynch, why don’t the Bears put more attention on Carey, continue to develop Ford and work Fiammetta more into the offense? Lynch is pretty much a worse athlete than Tim Tebow and we all saw how that ended up.

While bringing up the Tebow NFL experiment, it would’ve been better if the Bears had tried to develop Lynch as a quarterback. Certainly head coach Marc Trestman can be more help in developing his footwork and working on his unorthodox motion. If Lynch has any sort of a future in the NFL it’s as a two-way quarterback.

I know in the bigger scheme of things giving Lynch a shot a running back won’t be that big a deal but a team who has missed the playoffs six out of the last seven seasons needs to focus on getting better with the skill players they have instead of experimenting with long shots.

This feels like the Devin Hester wide receiver packages that never worked, the Alshon Jeffery end arounds that teams caught up with quickly last year and the halfback option passes that have become obsolete. When Lynch comes in the game don’t you think smart teams will know he’s just a gimmick player?

An offense that was second in the league in scoring only to the Denver Broncos doesn’t need this. When you have Jay Cutler slinging the rock to Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett you don’t need a passing halfback. When Matt Forte is putting up career numbers and Ka’Deem Carey had nearly 2,000 rushing yards last year you want to experiment with a slow quarterback from a small school at running back?

This likely won’t go anywhere past mini-camp or training camp but I wish Lynch all the best. He could be a very successful quarterback in the CFL and should be focusing on that. Trestman with all his experience from Canada should know that and be steering him in that direction and save the HB Toss and Sweep plays for the professionals.

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  • Bill King

    Wrong – Lynch posted the best 3-cone time for a RB since 2006. His 6.55 tops Manziel’s 6.75, which was Sankey’s time, the next best RB time

  • Mike Lewis

    Wrong, wrong and wrong. 1)Best cone time for a RB since 2006. 2) 4.65 too slow for a tailback? That means the Ka’Deem Carey pick was an absolute waste. He ran a 4.70. Oh and forget Carlos Hyde. He’ll be a bust because he ran a 4.66. 3) Tebow was a QB, never tried RB. Can’t compare the two. I have no idea if Lynch is going to make it as a RB, but if you’re going to write an article dissing the kid & the Bears, get your facts straight.

  • Justin

    Mike Lewis is right. He’s fast and has great change of direction. This is a Marc Trestman pick. The kid has good hands and will be able to catch out of the backfield. If nothing else he’ll be a great special teams player. No one ever said he would play fullback, not that Fiammetta is that good anyway. Ford played well in one preseason game, but they don’t trust him, and obviously didn’t play him. Lynch will also be a helpful 4th quarterback during preseason passing drills. Great pickup! Nothing to lose. Horrible article.

  • Ted

    very wrong give the guy a chance very hard working will do anything play anywhere to help this team very versatile good luck to him and go bears

  • Tim

    Wow poorly written article with zero actual facts. there is more truth in the coments then in the whole article. Lynch is a VERY talented player in any position. I have watched him play and he has speed and can get to where he needs to be with the NFL in any position.

  • Palmer Square

    Do some research before you write an article. Simple Charts:

    Player Weight 40 y 3-cone
    Matt Forte 217 4.44 6.84

    Michael Ford 210 4.42 6.87
    Jordan Lynch 217 4.65 6.55
    Shaun Draughn 213 4.63 6.68
    Ka’Deem Carey 207 4.70 7.08

    1. Andre Williams
    2. Jordan Lynch
    3. Ka’Deem Carey
    4. Bishop Sankey
    5. Tre Mason

  • Jason

    Ditto to everyone besides the writer. Don’t dis Lynch because he was a Mack player. He is an all around great player who was 3rd in voting for the Heisman award. He has the heart and credentials to play whatever position the Bears want him too. Don’t undermind the talents of the coaching and front office because we all debated Kyle Long being the 1st pick last year and he made pro bowl the 1st year. I’m all for the pick, he will be at better price than some of these special team players brought in and I’m sure he can be better than some of those and this will also give us some versatility. Go John Lynch!

  • Dale

    Ross Read, Lynch was asked to be a QB / Tailback at NIU. Watch film on him, it always takes multiple people to get him down. He could also be a very effective option to run additional offensive set such as the the wildcat. The NFL is moving towards a mobile QB such as Russell Wilson, RG3, & Cam Newton. Did you happen to watch the Gruden’s QB camp on ESPN on Jordan Lynch ? Gruden said that if he was coaching, he would find somewhere to put Lynch because of his athleticism. Don’t compare him to Tebow. The difference between the two is that Lynch will do whatever it takes to make an NFL team while Tebow only wanted to play QB. If anyone should be complaining about bad choices, it should be the person that allowed you to write this article with such limited insight and poor fact support.

  • Jack

    Lynch: 40yd-4.64, 3cone 6.55, 20ydshuffle-4.20
    Carey: 40yd-4.70, 3cone-7.08, 20ydshuffle-4.38
    So calling him “slow” and saying that he “doesn’t make the necessary cuts” would obviously make Carey a total waste of a pick and the bears might as well cut him right now.

    And if you think that Lynch can’t plow defenders then search “Lynch runs over akron defender” on youtube. Yes I know it’s against akron, but this is not the only time he has done something like that to a defensive player, just watch the ball state game in 2013 for a few more examples. You really should have done some research into Lynch instead of assuming he sucks because he’s a MAC player.

  • kingbear

    how did this person who clearly doesnt understand football get to write this article? some of the comment people know better then this whiner