Chris Houston appears to have had a procedure done on his toe


Detroit Lions cornerback Chris Houston has had surgery on his toe and claims it was successful. Houston had been struggling with the injury and it hadn’t been healing dating back to last season. Houston though did anger general manager Martin Mayhew by posting a photo from his hospital bed after the procedure.

Mayhew and the Lions have a policy about not talking about injuries, at least not more than they have to. Houston is the second Lions player to take to social media with injury information as running back Joique Bell also posted a photo of his knee wrapped in bandages and a pair of crutches. Bell also said that his procedure went well. While these things may be encouraging to fans and friends of the players, Mayhew had already made it clear that he did not wish for players to expose these issues publicly.

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are popular around the league for players and in some cases owners and coaches. As has been seen far too often, athletes and public figures tend to get themselves in more trouble with them then they are worth. I enjoy reading what Barry Sanders posts and follow many players and musicians on these sites, but I also admit in part that I watch them to see if they make a mistake, and that is something I generally avoid. It’s hard to take your eyes off of a train wreck sometimes.

Mayhew has already said that he will be talking to Bell about what he posts and in this new era it might make sense to have the team be addressed as a whole before they do make a mistake that they can’t recover from. For now, it’s good to know that Houston has a better chance for recovery after the surgery as the Lions will need him to be productive if they are to succeed this year.

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