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The offseason is all but over – not in terms of duration, unfortunately, but based on the moves teams are going to make in order to improve their roster. They’ve made cuts. They’ve signed free agents. And now, they’ve drafted their class of 2014. Other than a few minor tweaks and cutting down rosters, each NFL franchise has what it is going to have heading into the upcoming season.

Thus, it’s a good time to take a look at each roster, evaluate the talent base and determine how teams stack up. For the first time since the Super Bowl, it’s an evaluation that isn’t based on incomplete data; the cards have essentially been dealt.

With that in mind, the editors at cover32 gathered to assemble this week’s Power Rankings, rating each NFL team from one to 32. Here are the results:


1. Seattle Seahawks – The defending champs seemed as though they didn’t want to make a pick, continually trading down at the beginning of the draft. But that’s a luxury the best team in football has, able to pick and choose the right fit. (LW: 1)

2. Denver Broncos – For a team that played in the Super Bowl last year, the Broncos roster has undergone an amazing transformation. The team they’ll field for the season opener will be drastically improved from the one they had in Jersey. (LW: 2)

3. San Francisco 49ers – Jimmie Ward is a hard-hitting safety out of Northern Illinois, a nice addition to a team that is built on defense. The only concern for Niners fans should be how good the rest of the NFC West has gotten. (LW: 3)

4. Green Bay Packers – With Aaron Rodgers in the lineup, the Packers offense is plenty potent, even with the defection of some key pass catchers. So improving the defense, through the selection of Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, made a lot of sense. (LW: 5)

5. Carolina Panthers – The main beef throughout the offseason about the defending NFC South champs was that they had let all of Cam Newton’s main weapons leave town. That was righted in the draft with the selection of Kelvin Benjamin. (LW: 9)

6. Philadelphia Eagles – The selection of Marcus Smith, a defensive end out of Louisville was confusing, as was Chip Kelly’s insistence on drafting his former players, repeatedly dipping into the Oregon well. Both were red flags about this regime. (LW: 4)

7. New England Patriots – The window on Tom Brady, much like with Peyton Manning, is closing. So it makes no sense for the Patriots to burn a second-round pick on another “quarterback of the future.” Strange move by Bill Belichick. (LW: 6)

8. Indianapolis Colts – The Colts were basically no-shows at the draft, having lost their first-round pick in the Trent Richardson trade, which looks worse and worse by the day. And they weren’t able to wheel and deal their way back in. (LW: 8)

9. Pittsburgh Steelers – Any time the Steelers get back to basics, which is stockpiling talent on the defensive side of the ball, other teams should worry. Adding Ryan Shazier and Stephon Tuitt in rounds one and two were solid moves. (LW: 10)

10. New Orleans Saints – Brandin Cooks has a ton of ability, meaning he’s a guy who could be a great weapon for Drew Brees. But he isn’t someone our scouts would have touched with a 10-foot pole, given his attitude and demeanor. (LW: 7)

11. Chicago Bears – A year ago, the Bears boasted the NFL’s second-best offense. Thus, this offseason needed to be all about defense. They signed Jared Allen and then drafted the best cornerback on the board, Kyle Fuller. Well done. (LW: 17)

12. Arizona Cardinals – The Cardinals added another piece to what is quickly becoming the most-talented defensive backfield in the NFL (yes, Seattle, they’re in the conversation) when they nabbed safety Deone Bucannon. (LW: 11)

13. Cincinnati Bengals – When a team does what they should do in the draft (which in the case of Cincinnati was nab a young cornerback), it speaks to the competence of the front office. Getting Darqueze Dennard was a solid addition. (LW: 16)

14. Atlanta Falcons – While it’s not a move that is going to necessarily sell tickets, adding a left tackle that is going to man the position for the next decade, Jake Matthews, was a great addition. The Falcons will have a bounce-back year. (LW: 13)

15. St. Louis Rams – If the Rams weren’t in the NFC West, where the cellar dweller could win most divisions, they’d be a great dark-horse pick in 2014. Their defensive line, with the addition of Aaron Donald, is scary good. (LW: 18)

16. Detroit Lions – At some point, all of that offensive talent is going to have to result in something positive in the standings. And the Lions just added to their riches, grabbing tight end Eric Ebron with the 10th overall pick in the draft. (LW: 20)


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  1. Lee Pippen

    Would you be willing to bet some $$ on your laughable picks for the Panthers and Eagles to have a better season than the Patriots?

    • Id be willing to bet the whole farm that Carolina represents the NFC this year in the Championship game dont be decieved by what we let go pay very close attention to how we are building this team DENFENSE wins CHAMPIONSHIPS

  2. Carolina at 4 and New Orleans at 10? Can’t take this analysis seriously at all. Saint drafted 2 safeties they didn’t need when OL was a MUCH higher priority. Plus this article slams Cook’s attitude, etc., when EVERY other article I’ve read has stated the complete OPPOSITE. Deep threat won’t see many passes due to poor pass protection.

    • theres a reason why scouts are scouts in the nfl. they are good at what they do. you are good at acting like a coach, when in reality you are just good at being a house husband cuz your dumb

  3. This writer completely slam the Colts and still has them at number 8? Plus Seattle’s draft wasn’t impressive either. Did this guy watch a different draft than the rest of us?

    • concretejimmy

      I don’t think he’s ever watched football. The NFCW and AFCW are two of the better divisions? Doesn’t this guy know they play each other. It’s mathematically impossible. I can’t believe he has the Steelers winning the division and Ravens finishing last. This guy is a complete fucking idiot and butthole. How does he even have a job?

  4. Vikings at 29? With all the defensive free agent pickups made this last year? Zimmer struggled in his first draft????? Most draft grades have the Vikes at A or A+… not sure what you’re smoking, what draft you were watching, or if you really put any thought whatsoever into this article…

    • He has Vikings at 30 actually. Which I agree is too low, Cassel was 4-3 as a starter last year, it was Ponder that was terrible. We also had a tie and 4 games lost by less than 4 points. Could have easily snuck into the playoffs last year if we started Cassel all year since the Lions are the Lions and Cutler and Rodgers both got hurt.

      Teams I’m fairly confident we’re better than:
      Jaguars, Texans, Raiders, Bills (EJ Manuel not the answer), Browns (no WRs), Dolphins, Falcons

      And there’s more teams that we are pretty even against. We’re not a top team, but not a bottom 3 either like the Jags are/will seemingly always be. Should be ranked somewhere between 17-22.

      • The falcons had one bad year but were 13 and 3 a year ago.. ill bet youre not better than they are

  5. Not saying the Ravens are a SB frontrunner, but most pundits have CJ Mosley as a candidate for Def ROY, and grade out the Ravens draft A- to B. Maybe he watch the same draft, but he was definitely drinking.

  6. I don’t expect the Vikings to win the superbowl or anything but they made a ton of good moves, including stacking the D. They very well could be competing for a wild card birth.

  7. San Diego at 22? Um, maybe he missed us in the playoffs last year, when we didn’t have the Big 12 defensive player of the year playing cornerback for us, and we didn’t have Dwight Freeney and Melvin Ingram rushing the passer for more than 2-3 games apiece. He didn’t watch the draft and was smoking AND drinking. Oh and I’m with everyone else here….SD draft rated a B by every single analyst except this guy.

  8. why do I even bother reading this crap any more… This writer must have nothing to do now the draft is over and probably does know baseball… I bet you will have a few 17-32 teams in playoffs and few 1-16 not making the playoffs… Happens every year… And for predicting draft picks….. There will be the Tom Bradys, Russel Wilsons and other position players that will make it big… And the top 20 flops… I am a Vikings fan and hoping Teddy succeeds.. I think he will… He’s hungry… Just being around AP will help this kid… We are long shot for Super Bowl but no way a #30 team… His other picks are out there on a lot teams. Does know his football very well. Maybe he gets bonus money for more write in internet comments. Better switch to a sport you know…

  9. Can see your a jets fan a mile away. Good luck Bills will beat your Jets Twice this year


    I’m a fan of seahawks team. Seatle Seahawks will be the Super Bowl champions ever.

  11. this isn’t just grading the draft, its a power ranking. that’s why seattle is still number one.

  12. Please tell me where I can find where someone with proven football knowledge gives the Vikes an A or A+ in this years draft. It was a bust and trouble is they will keep the high draft choices around for 3 or 4 years rather than admit they screwed up AGAIN big time.

  13. Ronn Thomas

    Lack of watching “ALL” NFL teams, lack of in-depth knowledge of team production and the biggest criteria to much emphasis of having a “opinionated” good draft equals == this poor Power Rankings. Over emphasis of a good draft. True you strengthen your team by getting a solid draft (but most so-called good drafts can’t be judged till after the 3rd yr.) The writer or staff collaboration way over emphasize having a good draft which means they are a stronger team…gotta wait and see. Most drafts picks even 1st rounders don’t go on to be All Pros in their 1st yr. The rookies may solidify a team but aren’t your game changers/impact players. Can you remember anyone drafted last yr., in the top 10 of the 1st round that was a solid 16 gm. starter let alone a pro bowler?? Not saying they are not good players but give it 3 yrs. until they reach their full potential.

    ie. the Browns they move to a top 20 team?? They have an average QB in Hoyer, a potential wild card in Manziel but they have a weak and unproven running game that will put more pressure whoever the QB is. And what about their WR situation?? Browns at 20??, Steelers at 9?? This is an older team by NFL standards and they can’t be expected to play a full season let alone have career yrs. Sure they drafted Shazier but will Palomalu be the same safety he was 7 yrs ago. Can Big Ben play a full season behind that questionable OL?? Steelers at 9?? Dolphins at 17?? When they lost 7 starters from 2013 defense that was their strong point of their season. I can go on an on but man, this is a poor Power Rankings.

  14. This guy’s a joke–no more rhetoric needed! Waste of time breaking down how idiotic these predictions are!

  15. The Vikings at #30 you kidding me? Boy someone don’t know squat about football, talent or the draft. Every publication I have read has the Vikings draft grade at a (A) to (A+) in this draft.

  16. eagles, chip has drafted 2 players, 3rd and 5th rounds in 2 years from oregeon. signed some ducks fa’s for depth. don’t see red flags

  17. Drew Beets

    The Patriots at 8? And the Chargers go from 12 to 22 (behind Cleveland??!!). The Chargers did not have a “dud” of a draft. Put down the pipe, bro.