Report: Houston Texans not pursuing trade for a young quarterback


Although the Houston Texans have four quarterbacks on their roster: Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, T.J. Yates and the newly-drafted Tom Savage out of Pittsburgh, the Texans were still rumored to be pursuing Ryan Mallett, the New England Patriots backup, who is set to become a free agent next season.

According to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, the Texans are no longer pursuing a trade for him.

Rumors, ¬†according to’s Chris Wesserling and Ian Rappoport, were that the Texans were still trying to work out a deal to bring in the three-year backup to join their team.

The Texans quarterback situation is become messy. Fitzpatrick has not shown any promise to lead a team to a winning record, Keenum is still not ready and Yates is nothing more than a backup. Adding someone who’s learned from the Patriots system (see Matt Cassel) would have been a big win for the Texans.

Now, it remains to be seen who’s given the starting quarterback’s role down the road.


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  • tony scherler

    As a Texans fan I am sad this is such a sad state of affairs. Andre’ Johnson is correct in his thinking this is no longer where he needs to be. IMO McNair should have let GM Rick Smith go with Kubiak. The problem starts there, and McNair should not listen to him. Smith has had eight drafts he has overseen, and we have come to this: another lost season. For all he has done and meant to this franchise we should accommodate Andre’ in trading him to some other team, a team that is trying to win.

  • Tony

    I am 100% behind Andre Johnson. This is just another busted draft for Rick Smith as far as I can see. Rick Smith is always going to be a loser. Let Andre go to a team with a chance for a ring. Wake up McNair before it’s too late. Hire a proven GM. who knows football.

  • Rob

    Shoulda taken Manziel… this is your first “I told you so” moment…

  • Nikki

    Rick Smith should have been cut loose same time Kubes and the rest were. Clowney was a GREAT choice, however our need for a WINNING QB def trumped any other draft pick. Keenum isn’t ready and the other 3 are def NOT top tier QB’s and if we EVER want to bring a Superbowl Win to Clutch City we need a Tom Brady, a Payton Manning, and right now we don’t have one.