Report: Jacksonville Jaguars give Justin Blackmon’s locker to Blake Bortles


A few months ago, I had speculated that the Jacksonville Jaguars had moved on from troubled wide receiver Justin Blackmon.

On Friday, the team drafted not one but two wide receivers in the NFL draft–a move that added to the speculation of where the team stands on Blackmon. Following the picks, GM David Caldwell held a press conference and addressed the issue.

We’ve moved on for this year. We can’t release Blackmon until he’s reinstated and we aren’t expecting that to happen anytime soon. – Dave Caldwell

Head coach Gus Bradley’s remarks weren’t any better.

I was hoping it would be better than where it is going. We haven’t heard much and it doesn’t sound like it’s going in the right direction. Like Dave said, we can’t count on him. – Gus Bradley

We all know that as the saying says, actions speak louder than words. Well, the team has taken action.

According to the Associated Press, the team has emptied out Blackmon’s locker.

The interesting part is the recipient of Blackmon’s locker…. none other than the team’s third overall draft pick, Blake Bortles.

Looks like Blackmon is a bust and no longer a Jacksonville Jaguar.

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UPDATE: As it turns out, Bortles is not the occupant of Blackmon’s locker, newly signed UDFA QB Stephen Morris is.

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