Tennessee Titans’ Zach Mettenberger talk of NFL Draft weekend


With the oft-injured Jake Locker and clipboard extraordinaire Charlie Whitehurst standing as the lone two quarterbacks on the roster, there was no question that the Tennessee Titans would take another gunslinger during their three days in New York.

Over the first two days of the draft, quarterback after quarterback went off the board with only a hint that the Titans had considered a quarterback. Then Day 3 came and Tennessee went defense with its first two fourth-round picks while Aaron Murray and A.J. McCarron each jumped off the board.

Finally, the Titans made the move for their guy, Zach Mettenberger. Much was made of his transition, from being kicked off of the University of Georgia’s team for a few charges thrown his way¬†on a young, immature night in Athens, Ga to his transition to life at LSU.

Now, the former college standout is on his path to redemption and the Titans front office has been heralded for their selection at No. 178 overall.

NFL.com named him one of the “rookies on road to greatness.” Mettenberger also sat down for an interview and was part of a fantastic long-form write-up by NFL Network’s Albert Breer.

As the week has slowly dragged on, my thoughts have changed about Mettenberger. He honestly seems like a changed kid, but time will show just how different he is.

Will he come into town in shape? Will he work the betterment of the team versus personal, selfish goals? How will he mesh with Locker and the rest of the locker room for that matter?

“…what matters to him is that, eventually, he found what he was looking for in Baton Rouge,” notes Breer. “And by looking at that broken road, Mettenberger hopes, some NFL club will find what it’s looking for, too.”

We’ll find out just how different Mettenberger is as the weeks, months and possibly even years.

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  • Zack

    Ok first of all, he was convicted of SEXUAL ASSUALT!!!! That’s a bit different than having a few charges thrown at him for being young and dumb. Even a teenager knows what sexual assualt is. Let’s just tell all the kids that watch NFL football that it’s ok to assualt a woman or in this case WOMEN and all your dreams still come true. If you wanna talk about playing ability, he’s nowhere near Locker. If Locker stays healthy, he’s a pro-bowl QB just like he showed at the start of last season. You’re making this guy sound like a star when he’s not. He’s never even thrown an NFL pass. For the record, LSU QBs are pretty much failures in the NFL.

    • Raj Prashad

      First of all, it was sexual battery. And I went into full detail with that story a day before this post (http://cover32.com/titans/?p=1648). Second, I’m not making anyone sound like a star. NFL.com did that. I’m providing information.