Draft pick Cody Latimer shows “championship mentality”


Just a few, short days ago, the six newly drafted Broncos did not know what team they would land on, if any. But now that they’re Broncos, they’re ready to win.

Former Indiana wide receiver Cody Latimer was selected in the second round of the draft and is ready to prove himself to his new team.

The entire team has a “championship mentality” going into the season, and clearly Latimer is no different.

On Saturday, Latimer arrived in Denver wearing the perfect Broncos attire: an orange dress shirt and orange dress shoes — an outfit he had even before the Broncos drafted him.

“If there was ever a guy that was meant to be a Broncos, it was Cody, because he had those shoes and this shirt in his bag in New York and came straight here,” John Elway said. “So you know he was meant to be a Bronco.”

Combine his affinity for orange and his championship mentality and Latimer could be a perfect Bronco.

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