Facts you didn’t know about the Houston Texans


Here are some interesting facts regarding the history of the Houston Texans you can use to surprise all your friends.


1.Andre Johnson has never caught double digit touchdowns in a season ever in his career. That’s right, the guy who averages 1,151 yards per year has never taken it to the house more than nine times in a single season. Pretty amazing stat for a guy who appears destined for Canton.

2. The Houston Texans joined the league in 2002 and their first game was against the Dallas Cowboys, the Texans won 19-10, making them only the second NFL franchise in history to win their first game. This also might be why the interstate rivalry burns too hot between these two fan bases.

3.The Texans set another record in their first year as a franchise when they played the Pittsburgh Steelers and won the game 24-6. The shocking part was that the Steelers had a whopping 422 yards on offense and the Texans had only 47 yards. The win gave the Texans the NFL record for fewest yards by a winning team ever in NFL history. An amazing stat, but not one you would want to hold.

4.The Houston Texans became a franchise basically due to luck, the league voted and awarded the franchise to Los Angeles, but when Los Angeles couldn’t get their act together the league gave the franchise to Houston. Possibly to make amends for Bud Adams high tailing it out of town with the Oilers to Tennessee.

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