Mailbag: Browns missed out on a WR


The Browns had a great draft except for one blaring hole: why no WR???

-Ed in Cleveland

Well Ed, the decision has left many Clevelanders in shock, and I’m with you. I absolutely don’t understand why the Browns refused to draft a wide receiver, especially with the recently released news of wideout Josh Gordon failing another drug test (his third). Reports are that the team knew of Gordon’s failed drug test prior to the draft, and yet it still refused to address a possible need at the position. The main area where I believe the Browns could have really targeted a receiver is in the third round when they drafted linebacker Christian Kirksey out of Iowa.  With that pick, the Browns passed up on some talented wide receivers that were still available, including Clemson’s Martavis Bryant and Alabama’s Kevin Norwood.  Without another pickup or trade, if Gordon is indeed suspended, the top returning receiving options for whatever quarterback starts week one, will be tight end Jordan Cameron and wideout Greg Little.


Will the lack of picks in rounds 5-7 come back to bite Cleveland?

-Gerard in Denver

I don’t think so, due to how well the team had drafted to that point in time (for the most part). The Browns were able to fill most of their major holes (outside of wide receiver obviously). It seemed as if the team was rather pleased with how they had drafted up to that point, and simply called it quits. They also established a great future draft by attaining a first rounder next year from the Bills (presumably a top-10 pick knowing the recent history of the Buffalo Bills’ franchise). If you look at the players that were still available in the rounds 5-7, the Browns most likely didn’t see anyone that would be worth a draft pick, and instead they decided to bulk up future drafts.


Johnny Football is a Brown!!! If you had to bet the mortgage, does he start on opening day?

-Joe in Akron

I would bet no, for a couple of reasons.  The first is the management’s unwillingness to actually name Manziel the starter come week one. Every time the question has come up in press conferences and interviews, both GM Ray Farmer and owner Jimmy Haslam have remained set that it is Hoyer’s job to lose. Now that they’ve established this thought and stance, I see it being difficult for them to go back and switch their thinking – on a national level it will seem as if they are giving into pressure from Browns’ fans, and that’s never a good look.  The other reason is the lack of success rookie quarterbacks have experienced in Cleveland. Since the Browns came back in 1999, rookie quarterbacks are a brutal 11-36 in games that they’ve started. Now I realize that Johnny Manziel is the future of the Browns’ organization, but I think when the September 7 season opener begins against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Brian Hoyer will be the starter.

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