Should the Houston Texans trade their disgruntled star player?


The greatest and longest-tenured player in Houston Texans history, wide receiver Andre Johnson, offered some interesting comments regarding the direction of the franchise and possibly meaning he doesn’t want to stay with the team.

Johnson was quoted as telling the Houston Chronicle that he “doesn’t know if this is the place for (him) me,” and that the offseason for the team has been “very frustrating.”

Whatever it is that’s bothering him, Johnson clearly isn’t keen with where this team is planned on heading into next season, and with so many questions at the quarterback position, the soon to be 33-year-old may want to be traded to a team that’s a Super Bowl contender.

Making these comments public make it seem as though Johnson is in fact wanting out, and the rebuilding Texans would probably be wise to talk to him and see what he wants.

If Johnson is unhappy with the situation, it makes sense to trade their star receiver and allow him to win a Super Bowl with a team that’s built to win now. No one can fault the franchise’s greatest player ever, who’s only played in four playoffs games in 11 seasons with the franchise, but has managed 927 catches for 12,661 yards and 61 touchdowns.

The Texans could probably fetch a young player or a second, possibly third round pick in next year’s draft if they trade him. Age will catch up to him sooner rather than later, and it would be the best for both sides if GM Rick Smith dealt Johnson.

It would only be fair to Johnson, who’s done so much for this franchise and isn’t getting much in return for it.

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    For me, it is very clear there was not much desire for winning. I just would like keenum to get a fair chance, rather than making sure the coaching likes you. I agree completely with andre. Remember the shaub incident. Leaves a lot to be known by the fans.