Alfred Morris contends for Madden NFL 2k15 cover against Andrew Luck


Alfred “Chief Knockahoma” Morris, though an underdog, was in contention EA Sports’ Madden NFL 15 cover. Unfortunately for the Redskins prodigy, Morris was ranked a 7 seed in the EA Sports bracket, and was subsequently ousted by the 2nd seeded Indianapolis Colt, Andrew Luck.

Although Chief Knockahoma’s mid-celebratory home run swing would have been a quintessential cover for the video game, some solace has to be taken in the fact that the Shanahan-drafted sixth round pick has risen to the upper echelon of league leaders.

With the nomination selection of one of the NFL’s sweet sixteen, Morris has solidified himself as a cornerstone of the future of the franchise, as well as a prominent face of the NFL, comparable to such likenesses as Richard Sherman, Cam Newton, LeSean McCoy, A.J. Green, and Colin Kaepernick.

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