Are the Chiefs set at wide receiver


One of the Kansas City Chiefs biggest weaknesses in the 2013 season was their lack of talent at the wide receiver position. Unfortunately, the team failed to address the position in the offseason after being stood up by free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders. So where do the Chiefs stand at the receiver position? Andy Teicher of broke down how the Chiefs receivers rank on the depth chart.

Teicher ranks the receivers as the following:

1) Dwayne Bowe

2) Donnie Avery

3) A.J. Jenkins

4) Junior Hemingway

5) De’Anthony Thomas

And the rest are unlikely to make the roster.

So, what are we looking at? The top four receivers are the same from one year ago. The Chiefs are holding out hope that Dwayne Bowe will return to his 2011 form when he was last a 1,000 yard receiver. After that, it’s smoke and mirrors. Donnie Avery is a seven-year vet. His best season was in 2012 with the Indianapolis Colts in which he had 60 receptions for just under 800 yards.

And that’s where the issues lie. Jenkins and Hemingway had a combined 21 receptions in 2013. And De’Anthony Thomas is a complete unknown going into the season. Somehow, someway, the Chiefs actually got worse at wide receiver from the 2013 season.

The hope is that Dwayne Bowe continues where he left off in the Colts playoff game, Donnie Avery returns to the deep threat he was with the Colts in 2012 and either A.J. Jenkins or Junior Hemingway become a legitimate number three option for Alex Smith. There are questions as to whether De’Anthony Thomas will add anything on offense in his first season in the NFL. His real value, at least in year one, is on special teams.

So, what are your thoughts? Do the Chiefs have enough weapons? How can the Chiefs improve their wide receiver unit? We’d like to hear your thoughts in the comments below and take our poll.

  • tom

    Do not under estimate the value De’Anthony Thomas brings to the offense & not just punt returns which will give the Chiefs some good field positions.

    He has very illusive moves & great speed & can play both in the slot or as a duel running back.

  • chris

    what about the signing of Weston Dressler from the CFL? CFL MVP and top WR over the past 5 years. Talented guy as I played against him in high school and college.

  • Alan Craig

    Last year Chiefs failed to pick WR Allen (71 1046 8) in 3rd round. It not only hurt Chiefs offense but led to 2 losses to Chargers. This year they passed on WR Lee who could do similar for Jaguars. Even if you drafted OLB Ford to get rid of Hali’s bloated salary within next 2 years Chiefs needed WR in 3rd round. They passed on WR Moncrief whose size and speed could have been future replacement for Bowe’s bloated contract. Chiefs now have worst receiving core for 2nd year in row.