Did the Tennessee Titans take one of the 10 biggest steals of the 2014 draft?


Tom Brady and Russell Wilson. Shannon Sharpe and Joe Montana. Will Shields and Terrell Davis. Some of the best players in NFL history weren’t first-round draft choices; instead, they were later-round guys who most teams thought were full of flaws.

Oh, how plenty of franchises went on to regret those scouting reports. Multiple trips to the Pro Bowl, several Super Bowl rings and a bust or two in Canton show just how wrong they were in their analysis.

These types of errors occur every year in the NFL Draft, as players who will go on to be stars in the league slip past team after team after team. Their tumble down the board is amazing to watch, as franchise’s reach for potential and miss the talent sitting there right in front of them.

The 2014 NFL Draft will prove to be no different. History says that there will be some “steals” that will emerge, guys who went outside of the first round and turned into all-time greats.

Quick note: Guys had to be taken in the second round or later to be considered. Who are they? To see our 10 candidates for the biggest steals of the 2014 NFL Draft, click here.

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