Dolphins fans have reason to be excited about Jarvis Landry


Here I am about 5:13 pm sitting in the parking lot of my apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina after a long grueling Tuesday work day and I just can’t get out of my car or turn off the radio. There’s an interview going on right now that has my full, undivided attention and the air condition is protecting me from the 89 degree Carolina heat.

Marc James, the host of WFNZ’s The Drive, is firing off question after question to NFL prospect Jarvis Landry, wide receiver from LSU and he’s impressing me with every answer.

Charlotte is home to the Carolina Panthers and Landry came on the radio to answer questions about the possibility of becoming a Panther. Instead, on May 9th, Landry was drafted by the Miami Dolphins.

“Your teammate Odell Beckham is getting all the hype Jarvis, what do you have to say to that?”

“Look at the numbers. That’s all I have to say.”

Short. Simple. To the point. Landry spent about 20 minutes on the Charlotte airwaves and oozed confidence with each word he spoke. Talking about going over the middle, giving up his body and doing everything to help the team were just a few topics he talked about and spoke confidently to all.

He also answered questions about his slow 40 time at the NFL combine. Landry was candid, saying he felt his hamstring tighten and couldn’t explode the way he wanted to. That makes perfect sense when he ran in the 4.5’s at his pro day a few weeks later.

There’s a funny connection between Jarvis Landry and the Miami Dolphins and it’s “He Who Shall Not Be Named,” Cam Cameron. The one-time Dolphins head coach was the offensive coordinator for LSU the past few seasons and has raved about the potential of Landry at the next level.

“If you can’t win in the first 5 yards, if you don’t have short-area quickness, you’re not going to last in that league because corners aren’t going to play off of you,” Cameron said. “And the one thing he’s got … He’s got NFL explosion, NFL quickness. You’ve got to win those first 5 yards because now they’re going to get their hands off of you.”

That’s coming from a guy who has seen and coached years of NFL talent. Along with the NFL explosion Landry possesses, his best asset has to be his trustworthy hands. At 10 1/4” Landry’s hands have made a plethora of highlight reel catches during his time in Baton Rouge.

According to PFF, Landry’s miniscule 2.5% drop rate in 2013 would be one of the tops in the NFL behind soon-to-be Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald’s 1.20% and rookie DeAndre Hopkins 1.89%.

Landry fits the mold of a slot receiver who will move the chains and create brutal mismatches for opposing defenses. Does he make Brian Hartline or Mike Wallace expendable? Possibly.

Not only should Dolphins fans be excited to have Jarvis Landry on their team, they should expect him to produce as well.

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  • Joshua Heard

    He is sure handed receiver that will quickly earn the trust of Tannehill. I’m allmost willing to bet that he will be second in receptions and our top wr in 2015 season.

  • Zach Fame

    Where is your piece on the real WR steal of the draft…Davonte Adams! Good piece though.

  • Daniel Eliesen

    It will be very interesting to see how Adams and Landry compare as the Fins moved down instead of drafting Adams

  • Joe Scumaci

    Freaking Fame! Always bringing your packer bias everywhere with you! Haha! Get off the dolphins page! But thanks for reading

  • Zach Fame

    In all seriousness I’m more interested in these second-third guys. Obviously Watkins and Evans will be studs but I’m not sold on Cooks, Beckham Jr., Lee, and Benjamin (a pick that I thought Carolina really blew). The guys like Landry, Adams, Allen Robinson, Jordan Matthews, Paul Richardson, and even Cody Latimer all have strong resumes and skill sets to be great pros.

  • Joe Scumaci

    That’s why everyone hyped this draft to be so deep at WR. Which is why I think the Bills blew it by trading up and sacrificing a future 1st rounder for Sammy who could be as good as some of the guys you mentioned. Adams and Cooks can be studs right away playing in the offenses they are in with the QBs they have throwing them the ball.

  • phins news

    Landry is going to make big noise in the nfl and we tell you why here!!