Who is in Buffalo's hot seat now?


The draft is over and now the real fun starts. Contract negotiations, off-season program, training camps and debating who will really contribute to a winning Buffalo Bills 2014 season. With that in mind, there are a couple guys sitting on the “hot seat.”

CJ Spiller, Yeah I am not happy about it either but going in to a contract year CJ is definitely on the hot seat. Spiller I am sure is eyeing a big pay day like that of the departed Jairus Byrd, ony problem is that Spiller has had one thousand yard season, and that’s it. Now I am a true believer that we have a dynamic back in Spiller, but he might not be worth the price he wants unless he shows up on the field this year and produces and a big part if Spiller stays in Buffalo long-term is if he stays healthy.

EJ Manuel, in his rookie year we saw raw potential in our “franchise” quarterback and he did have some knee injury setbacks so I will give him a pass on last year’s season. This year though there are no excuses, the Bills have a young dynamic wide receiving core that is going to have healthy competition. Everyone now knows that Buffalo went out and snagged one of the best players in the draft – WR Sammy Watkins to add a new dynamic to Buffalo’s offense. If EJ doesn’t perform this year then the team will not make the playoffs. The Bills don’t need EJ to be the next Andrew Luck or Aaron Rodgers. In fact all we need is for EJ and the offense is to score a few points and not go three and out because if he can manage that, then the Bills defense can stay fresh and can dominate most games.

Eric Pears also needs to look over his shoulder. Drafting Cyrus Kouandijo puts the Bills right tackle on a “mild” seat, not really the hot seat. Pears isn’t going to be cut or traded away, but he is probably going to lose his job and he is probably going to see the sideline a lot more. Not to mention if he is sitting on the bench then Whaley is going to require him to restructure his deal in order to stay on the team.

Honorable mention- TJ Graham, the only reason I didn’t put TJ on this list is because I believe that he won’t make it to training camp. There is just no more room for a down field receiver on the team with Goodwin and now Watkins (even though Sammy is so much more than just a down field option). Wide Reciver just good real crowded and TJ looks like the odd-man out.

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  • David Pfeiffer

    Chris; Great job reporting on the Bills. If you ever get to this area I would love to take you to a game.