Buffalo Bills release Brandon Kaufman and there better be a good reason for it


The Bills released Brandon Kaufman on Friday just a day before rookie mini-camp was about to start. I myself am a pretty surprised by the move and was not all expecting it to happen, at least not this soon. I mean sure our WR corps is absolutely loaded to the brim but last I knew Kaufman packed on something like 30 lbs and was going to give a shot at playing tight end. Granted its kind of unbelievable someone can put on 30 lbs of lean muscle in just one off-season so the question begs to be asked, was he was on steroids or did he roll into 1 Bills drive a gross flabby mess?

I honestly thought the whole reason they did not address tight end in the draft was because of Kaufman, with Tony Moeaki signed last year I figured they would work those two in this season and they felt it was not necessary to address the position. Now that Kaufman is released less than a week after the draft and they didn’t even sign an undrafted free agent TE it makes me wonder what the hell they are doing. The tight end position in Buffalo without a doubt needs to be improved and not only did we not even consider addressing it, we are releasing potential players for the position before anyone even gets a chance to step onto a practice field. Don’t tell me it was because Sammy Watkins took his number either, numbers are important to some people so it’s entirely possible this was over them giving his number away to their new 4th overall draft pick.

I really liked Brandon Kaufman’s play, we only really got to see what he can do in last years pre-season but what I saw I really liked. He is a good football player and I hope to see him land a starting role with a team before the season is over. I’m not sure what the Bills reason was for releasing him so quickly but I sure hope its a good one because they just let go of a player that everyone I have ever talked to really liked. That says something too, the people I have talked to didn’t like him because of his personality or outstanding character, they liked him because he was a good football player.

Naturally when a football team decides to get rid of a player you are going to have a handful of people shouting in disbelief, so I am just going to have to trust that my team did the right here. That doesn’t mean I have to like it though, and I do not at all like it one bit. What do you guys think? Did I value Kaufman too high or was he actually a good football player?

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  • Kay

    I personally know Brandon Kaufman and to address the inquiry re: if he was “on steroids or a gross flabby mess” should be clarified. While it would be difficult for anyone to complete such a monumental requirement, re: being asked to put on 30 pounds in the off season, Brandon prepared himself in a very constructive manner. During the off season he worked out with professional trainers, twice a day, seven days a week. He ate healthy meals, but consumed mega calories to put on the 30 pounds of pure muscle that the Bills requested in order to switch from Wide Receiver to Tight End. It is unfortunate that the Bills chose to release him, prior to Mini Camp, but I believe that bigger and better things are in store for him. Not only is he an incredible football player as he received a scholarship to play football at Eastern Washington, but in January 2012 he led the team in the FCS Championship game by scoring two touchdowns including the game winning touchdown. While this is history, it just reflects the type of person he which is that he is a committed and dedicated player who believes in the game and the philosophy of giving his all to the team. He will get picked up by a team that can appreciate his immense talent, dedication and loyalty.

  • James Kriger

    what a fantastic comment Kay! thank you very much for your insight, I hope you are right and he does land with another team, I am personally sad to see him go. I didnt know that they asked him to put on the weight to play TE, knowing that and seeing their response after he did it is really messed up.